Furniture with A Special Feel: Enjoy Design

Bare feet bury themselves in a fluffy carpet, hands stroke soft cord, fingers feel finely woven rattan – our sense of touch decides which furniture we feel comfortable with. Find out which textures please not only your eyes but also the haptic perception.

Wonderfully Homely: Decorating with Textures

Especially in autumn, we retreat into our home and spend more time indoors when it is raining or cold. Different textures and shapes make a decisive contribution to how comfortable we feel there. Do we like the surface of a fine leather sofa? Or would you prefer the cozy fur pillow or the wool throw? Let the different structures and materials work on you and decide what suits you best.

Cord, rattan, velvet – eye-catching textures are all the rage! We like to touch fine and coarse structural fibers. But also cool, smooth surfaces such as marble or glass flatter our hands. Furniture and accessories with structure contribute to a sensual atmosphere in your interior. We also associate some materials with our childhood, for example, the rough cord sofa in our grandparents’ living room. Or the tabletop is made of natural wood with its distinctive grain. They convey a feeling of security, even in emotionally upsetting or unsteady times.

Up Close and Personal with The Past: Integrate Retro Fabrics

While many people like to curl up in front of the wood-burning stove in the living room, they prefer a more comfortable bedroom. There bed linen made of linen or silk ensures a pleasantly fresh “feeling.” Of course, the time of year also plays a role. In autumn or winter, you might prefer fluffy beaver or flannel bed linen.

Decorating in retro style is back in fashion right now. And even with the different textures in your home, it is worth looking at the past. The “royal fabricvelvet has made a comeback in recent years – not least because we like to run our hands over the delicate fabric. As a sofa or armchair cover, it conveys elegance and comfort to our eyes and our sense of touch. We feel in good hands with a cord that moves into our interior from the 70s. Especially in the living room and bedroom, the characteristic, soft structure contributes to the feel-good atmosphere, whether as a pillowcase or a curtain.

Furniture with A Characteristic Feel Allows Us to Feel Nature at Home Too

In contrast to wooden furniture, natural textiles bring a feeling of lightness into the home. Place linen tablecloths on the dining table, the rug next to the chest of drawers is made of hemp, and the curtains are made of natural silk. What should not be missing: decorating with rattan and basket. These structural fibers feel like a beach bar and summer vacation and conjure up southern flair in your rooms, but also on the terrace or balcony.

Natural materials, in particular, arouse emotions and memories because we encounter them every day outside our four walls. That is why decorating with raw materials also plays a vital role in the sense of touch. The surface of an untreated wooden table is reminiscent of walks in the woods. A chest of drawers or a bed made of natural wood also brings a piece of nature into the house. The lush green of native houseplants such as ferns or ivy goes perfectly with this. The combination of plants and wood also creates a nice contrast with the busy daily life. Natural materials such as marble, stone, and ceramic also give us calmness and help us relax.

A mix of Materials: Stimulate the Fifth Sense

So that our sense of touch can “feel” enough, a mixture of warm (wood, leather, fabrics) and cold materials (stone, metal, glass) is perfect for your interior. This mix of materials brings a suitable variety. Pay attention to how you want to feel in the respective rooms, and select the basic textures. For example, rely more on excellent materials in the bedroom and warmer ones in the living room.

Set Haptic Highlights with Accessories

You can also achieve noticeable effects with little things: books in leather or linen covers on the living room table invite you to browse. A chandelier made of glass, marble, or metal creates a festive, excellent accent, and candles with structure go well with it. Shaggy carpets in the bedroom or bathroom are best felt barefoot.

Touch It: Floor and Walls with Structure

Floor and wall design are also part of your sensual decorating: We feel secure if we are greeted by the soft plush beneath our feet when we get up. On the other hand, if we walk over smooth concrete, we feel the clarity of a modern decorating style. Wooden beams and wall panels in the room create a very down-to-earth feel. Textured wallpapers complete your decorating style: for example, a brick looks for the industrial style or wood fibers for the clean Scandinavian design.

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