Garden Shed Ideas and Plans You’ve Never Seen Before

There are many good reasons to add a little house to your garden. Apart from the most obvious ones – more storage space and shelter options – garden sheds also offer a few benefits that all too often take a back seat and are underestimated. Especially now, many people plan their summer vacation to be on the safe side in the garden at home instead of traveling. But there are also much more sustainable advantages that significantly improve the quality of life at home beyond the corona crisis.

Good Reasons for Private Garden Sheds

The uses and uses of a garden house are seemingly endless, regardless of whether you need a safe, lockable option for dry storage of your garden tools, bicycles, and the like, or whether you want to create a retreat in your own garden. A garden shed is a simple and cost-saving way to upgrade the property – in several ways.

A garden shed is a really versatile accessory in the home garden. However, if you want to make the most of all the possibilities, you should note that a garden shed requires a building permit as soon as it becomes habitable as a separate extension (e.g., through connection to the electricity and water supply). Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the versatility of a garden shed.

The Garden House as A Private Refuge

If you equip your garden house with a few cozy accessories and furniture, you will find relaxation and comfort in it after work, on vacation, or at the weekend. If you want to treat yourself to a little more, you can put a bookshelf or an inflatable whirlpool in the garden shed, and the romantic getaway for the soul is only a few minute’s walks away from home. With this model, such a wellness design succeeds without any problems: garden shed with wellness flair.

The Garden Shed as A Hobby Room

Often it is not because of a lack of interest or time that you begin to neglect your hobbies or not even devote yourself to new ones, but because you have no place to do this in peace. Whether sewing, handicrafts, yoga, meditation, reading or writing, painting, pottery, or other creative channels: if the garden shed is turned into a hobby room, you can create your very own little universe and fully engage in your favorite activity. A garden shed like this one is ideal for this: a garden shed with a hobby room.

The Garden House as A Home Office

The after-effects of the corona measures are not ending. And many people still work from home. It goes without saying that this is often anything but easy when you share the house with the rascals who are also sitting at home, who may be home-schooling. Good for those who own a garden house that they have turned into a functional study. Work in peace and at the same time recharge your batteries in the midst of nature in your own garden. Nowhere is the home office more successful than in a garden shed like this one.

The Garden House as Guest Quarters

Anyone who likes to take in guests, but does not have space to set up an additional bedroom where the visitor can spend the night, is well advised to have a spacious garden shed. Here you can set up a great, cozy quarter for overnight guests with one or high-quality sofa beds in no time at all – and you have a perfect alternative yourself if the situation calls for it: Log house made of spruce wood.

The Garden House as A Decorative Investment

A final good reason for a garden shed or cottage is the decorative and value-adding aspect of such a mini-property. With a garden shed, many gardens look much more inviting. Not only because all equipment can disappear in it that would otherwise be lying around in the garden, making the garden tidier, but also because it makes the garden appear livelier, more inhabited, and livelier. A garden simply looks nicer and cozier when there is a high-quality, stylish garden shed in it. On top of that, the added decorative value and the expanded possibilities for using the garden (house) can also increase the property’s total value. So if you want to rent or sell at some point, a stable, high-quality garden shed is a good investment—for example, a chic garden house.

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