Homemade Shabby Chic with Decorative Film

New, smooth, noble. This is how one likes to imagine modern furnishings. But there is also the contrast program. A furnishing style that is bursting with cult and snobbery. Peeling paint, signs of weathering, rust patina on fittings and lock rosettes, and worn wooden surfaces are an absolute must for the shabby chic style. Every now and then, one hears the term bohemian style in this context – referring to the Spartan, poor lifestyle of artistic intellectuals.

While antique furniture is generating less and less buyer interest, shabby chic, in which modern furniture is trimmed to look antique and old, is experiencing a boom. Fans of self-made, DIY, and furniture hacks can also be particularly enthusiastic about this furnishing style. Understandable, because with a little sandpaper and aids to create a patina, the new chest of drawers, the modern side table, has turned into a really chic shabby piece. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be the expensive designer model. Shabby chic also works on its own.

Chic Foil Designs for A Shabby Chic Look

It is one of the most practical tools for the creative realization of ideas at home: whether for simply refining doors and fronts on cupboards and chests of drawers or even for new designs on living room tables and walls, the decorative film is the ultimate in home decor.

The advantages of the decorative film are obvious. It is easy to attach, detachable, easy to use, and available in all colors and designs. Only the area to be glued must be free of dust and grease. We’re ready to go.

Depending on the type of film, the application may require a little more fine motor skills and dexterity. But even that is nothing that cannot be solved with a cutter knife and squeegee. If you want it to be even easier, you can even buy decorative film cut to size.

What is Shabby Chic?

Some properties must also be essential for the decorative film for shabby chic. This includes, for example, wood grain that appears due to the paintwork. But also and above all, fading, irregularly covering colors.

The decorative film in the shabby-chic look has a big advantage: the paint doesn’t really flake off but looks deceptively real. This saves you from cleaning and cleaning up paint residues around the scruffy, chic pieces of furniture.

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