Honeycomb Pleated Blinds: A Decorative Privacy Curtain

Pleated blinds impress with their colorful design and loosen up the entire atmosphere in the room with their folds. In contrast to their rocking brother-in-law, the conventional roller blind, pleated blinds can be attached directly to the window and, therefore, less expansive. They are elegant and casual simultaneously and or especially look great when they only partially cover the windows. There is no denying that pleated blinds are a unique, decorative element in home decor, significantly when the shape deviates from the traditional rectangular design. With honeycomb pleated blinds, regular pleated blinds experience a kind of upgrade. They are no longer just privacy screens and decorations; they even help to save energy.

Energy-Saving Miracle Honeycomb Pleated Blind

With a honeycomb pleated blind, two layers of fabric are sewn together in opposite directions. This creates slightly hexagonal tubes called air cushions. These support the insulation and contribute to both a better room climate and better acoustics.

Honeycomb Pleated Blinds Support the Room Climate

Honeycomb pleated blinds have a special coating on the back, i.e., on the side facing the window glass. This reflects the sun’s rays in summer. At the same time, you can regulate the incidence of light depending on the degree of transparency you choose. If you don’t want to do without daylight in the sunny months, you should opt for transparent to semi-transparent honeycomb pleated blinds. These offer sufficient privacy and still prevent the rooms from overheating.

With a honeycomb pleated blind, you can safely run the air conditioning on the back burner without having to forego the other comforts of summer temperatures. This reduces the costs for climate regulation in summer.

The reflective surface of honeycomb pleated blinds, which protects against too much heat in the living area in summer, fulfills precisely the opposite task in winter. During the cold season, windows are the most significant weak point in any home. An insulating honeycomb pleated blind makes it difficult for the winter cold to penetrate the heated rooms. At the same time, it prevents warm air from escaping outside. The insulating properties of the air cushions even go so far that up to 25 % of energy costs can be saved depending on the window type.

When temperatures drop outside and rise inside, windows are responsible because rooms lose heat – the more inadequate the insulation of the windows, the greater the potential heat loss. Honeycomb pleated blinds are an effective means of counteracting this.

Sound Insulation Is Included with Honeycomb Pleated Blinds

The air cushions in honeycomb pleated absorb heat and cold and dampen the penetration of disturbing noises from outside. This is not a false argument, especially for city dwellers, where street and construction noise are more frequent than in rural areas.

Easy handling, quick and uncomplicated installation, and a decorative look and functional properties through and through make the pleated blind an incomparable privacy screen. Honeycomb pleated blinds meet the nerve of the time, in which energy costs are constantly rising, and environmental protection is becoming increasingly important for many people.

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