How Do You Measure Curtain Rods? * Mini-Guide

After moving, after renovating, after a spontaneous hint of desire for something new: There are a few things to consider when buying curtains. First of all, it is important to measure the windows correctly. The next step is to choose the brackets, the curtain colors, and patterns, and, finally, decide how you want to hang the curtains. The importance of a suitable curtain rod is often underestimated. It is the backbone of every curtain. It’s more than just a handrail for a piece of fabric. A harmonious combination of curtain and curtain rod contributes a lot to the atmosphere in the room. So you can be brave when looking for curtain rods. Because even with curtain rods and a decorative end piece, you can make a home statement that gives the furnishings individuality and uniqueness.

The Right Size for Curtain Rods

Taking measurements is essential when attaching curtains and drapes. The question is: at what height is the curtain rod installed, where should the curtain reach – to the floor or before it – how much play should the curtain have to the sides? These factors and each window’s individual dimensions are decisive in buying a sufficiently long and thick curtain rod.

Extra tip: A curtain rod should protrude between 7 and 15 cm to the right and left of the window frame. This rule of thumb can be applied; each window and balcony door should be measured individually. Even if two windows look the same width, it is better to be on the safe side.

The basic idea behind a curtain rod is to “keep” the fabric away from the window. This achieves two things. Firstly, the view is not lost, and secondly, the windows look bigger because you can see them more broadly through the continuous curtains.

The dimensions for curtain rods are not based on the glass but on the window frame. Space is then added to the right and left to gather the curtains at the sides. For fabric curtains on windows with a width of 1.20 m, you should add about 12 cm on each side.

From here on, there is an easy to remember the rule of thumb: For every 20 cm that a window is wider, you take 2-3 cm more space with you on each side:

Window up to             Curtain rod

1,50 m                                Window width + 15 cm

1,70 m                                Window width + 17-18 cm

2,00 m                               Window width + 20 cm

It is advisable for transparent and valance curtains not to allow the curtain rods to protrude more than 7 to 10 cm per side over the window frame width. The transparent property ensures that the wall can then be seen through the curtains, making the curtains look as if they are too wide for the window.

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