How Should You Design Your First Apartment?

Finally, the first apartment together – moving in together is the beginning of a great adventure for couples. But how do you design your new home in such a way that both sides like it? We show how to find compromises and bring different styles together. This creates a harmonious nest in which you can thoroughly enjoy the new togetherness.

Good Preparation Prevents Conflict

The dream apartment or the ideal terraced house has been found, the keys are handed over, and you and your partner would like to start decorating and furnishing right away. Nevertheless, the motto is: don’t rush into anything! First, calmly clarify the furnishings and style of the shared apartment. Then there will be no conflicts later when you stand in your finished apartment and think about: Where does his record shelf fit or what happens to your decorative artificial flowers?

There are also costs associated with the first shared apartment. Get an overview of what you need and what budget is available for it. It helps to create a checklist – it’s even easier with our template:

Checklist for Furnishing the First Apartment

A. Living Room

  • Seating Furniture: Sofa or Two to Three Armchairs
  • Coffee or Side Table
  • Storage Space: Sideboard, Shelves, Cupboard
  • Ceiling Lamp, Floor Lamp or Table Lamp
  • Tv Table or Wall Bracket
  • Possibly Carpet or Runner
  • Curtains

B. Dining Room

  • Dining Table
  • Three to Four Chairs
  • Chair Cushions
  • Possibly Tablecloth or Placemats
  • Curtains
  • Bedroom
  • Bed Frame, Slatted Frame, Mattress
  • Wardrobe or Rail
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Ceiling Lamp, Bedside Lamp
  • Possibly a Small Work Area with A Desk, Roll Container, Chair, and Table Lamp
  • Curtains

C. Kitchen

  • Storage Space: Additional Shelves or Base Cabinets
  • Possibly a Small Dining Area with A Table and Two Chairs
  • Trash Can
  • Dishes (glasses, Plates, Cups, Bowls)
  • Cutlery
  • Pots and Pans (one Large, One Small)
  • Appliances Such as Toasters, Kettles, Coffee Machines
  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Towels

D. Bath

  • Storage Space: Shelf, Base Cabinet
  • Shower Rugs
  • Shower Curtain
  • Towels
  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Maybe Mirror and Light
  • Possibly Washing Machine

E. Hall

  • Shoe Rack
  • Coat Rack or Hanging Hook
  • Narrow Sideboard
  • Key Rack
  • Mirror

F. Additionally

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Laundry Baskets
  • Clothes Horse
  • Pictures and Picture Frames
  • Tool
  • Ironing Board
  • Coat Hangers
  • Cleaning utensils (hand brush, broom, cleaning bucket)

Both partners already have their own households and have gained experience in furnishing rooms in a flatshare or one-room apartments. It is therefore important to clarify which parts are already present in one or both households. If furnishings exist twice, the question arises as to what fits better in the new apartment and which favorite items are essential – for example, your leather couch or your Scandi sideboard? Leaf through catalogs together or look online for inspiration on what the common four walls could look like. This will give you a good idea of your new home.

First Apartment Together: When Worlds of Style Collide

Contracting in most cases means that you have to balance two styles. The furnishing style of the men is rather minimalistic, functional, and casual. Materials such as wood, leather, and metal are therefore used in a real man cave. There are hardly any patterns in the male style but a clear color scheme. When setting up in black and white, there are only individual spots of color in green or blue tones.

For women, however, different rules apply – here, it can be more playful and romantic. Decoration takes precedence over pure practicality. The focus is on cozy furnishings that create a feel-good atmosphere in the apartment. Therefore, women often design with significantly more colors, cozy textiles, and one or the other floral print. At first glance, the two worlds are difficult to reconcile. With our tips for the first apartment together, you can avoid a style mess.

Finding Compromises in Contracting

The top priority when moving in Both should be happy and comfortable in the new apartment. It is, therefore, best to work together to find solutions if you disagree about the setup. Your dining table is too big, and your partner is simply too retro: if you can’t agree on a piece of furniture, buy a new one together that both of you will like. This is particularly worthwhile for large purchases such as the bed or the couch.

A neutral color concept also helps ensure that your new home appeals to all residents. For example, white or beige tones are suitable. Of course, you don’t have to do without colors entirely – colored highlights look excellent on decoration or furniture against a rather plain background. If your new domicile is big enough, there is the possibility that everyone can set up their own room completely according to their individual taste. So you both have a place in the apartment where you are guaranteed to feel comfortable.

Mix and Match in The First Shared Apartment

A mix of styles doesn’t necessarily look wildly thrown together. Male industrial style and cozy Scandinavian design, for example, go very well together, as both get by without a lot of frills. But contrasts also look chic: romantic vintage style and shabby chic are a nice contrast to modern furnishings with clear lines. You connect different styles through common elements, for example, by using a recurring color or the same material. Put the focus on the quieter style and only set accents with the second style. So your facility doesn’t look cluttered or cluttered.

The basic rule is: try out each other and combine what you enjoy and what both of you like.

Moving in Together: That Is how Important the Equipment Is

The furnishing of a home reflects the inner being of a person. When you move into your first apartment together, you bring two styles together and two characters. Both partners must identify with the newly created living environment. Do you need more inspiration for your shared apartment? The living trends 2021 provide you with new ideas. Or read how you can furnish yourself timelessly so that your furniture never goes out of style.

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