How to Choose a Moving Company – in 5 Steps

Finding the right moving company is not an easy task. Again and again, there are complaints, customers are given overpriced prices, or the service is inadequate. Most problems arise when objects are broken or even lost because, as a customer, it is difficult to prove that you owned object A before it was transported by the supposed moving professionals and that object B was actually due to incorrect handling or improper securing in the truck and not only broken when you put it on the shelf yourself.

As if the moving day wasn’t stressful enough, you have to deal with such annoyances. To avoid precisely this additional stress factor, you should deal carefully with the moving partners in question in advance. That takes a little more time, but in case of doubt, it takes a lot fewer nerves and, above all, less money. This is how it works to find a good moving company:

1. Obtain References and Recommendations

Instead of going directly to the multitude of offers online or in the phone book, it is better to first ask friends, colleagues, and family whether they can recommend a moving company. Anyone who has found their new domicile with a broker’s help can also ask them for a recommendation. In the last step, you should consult customer ratings and testimonials on comparison sites and review portals on the Internet.

2. Don’t Blindly Trust The First Person

You should never be satisfied with the first offer. Instead, it is advisable to obtain at least 3 different estimates. And only from moving companies who really come on-site and assess the conditions and the amount of furniture and possessions with their own eyes. Nobody can make a serious estimate if they have no idea of the effort involved.

3. Know and Pay Attention to Alarm Signals

Staying vigilant is also the motto when moving! Serious companies will not ask for a cash deposit before moving. If the company seems to be pushing for upfront payments, it could be a scam or an illiquid company. Both of these cause trouble in the end. During the assessment and effort assessment, one should also pay attention to how professional the selected company is: Is the expert there at the agreed time? Is he late without notice? Does he seem insecure? Can’t he answer questions? These are all clear signs that it is better to look for another moving professional.

4. Find Certified and Insured Partners

Choose certified transport companies. This gives you the security of having a partner at your side who understands his trade. This removal provider has adequate insurance cover should problems arise during the furniture transport (damage, accidents, etc.). Otherwise, you should read the contract carefully and not hesitate to inquire about insurance matters. The company’s history can also provide a good indication.

5. Verify Address and Contact Details

Be sure to ask for a business card and visit the company’s website. Do the addresses and contact details match? Are they stored in exactly the same way on the Internet and in the telephone book? Is the address given in a commercial or residential area? If there is any discrepancy at any point, hands-off!

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