How Can You Decorate A Rustic Bedroom?

You can decorate a rustic bedroom in a multitude of ways. Bedrooms are special places for the mind and soul. The classic look of wood, stone, and mountains in the morning, the warmth of a fire in the evening, and the comfort of a warm bed cover waiting for you when you get up is all part of the experience. Your rustic bedroom does not have to be a place where you relax and stare at a view. With some careful planning, it can be a place that invites you to get active and to make the most of your bedroom.

You Must Plan When Decorating a Rustic Bedroom

Lighting is an important consideration when planning how you will decorate a rustic bedroom. Natural wood lighting can be very appealing and dramatic. If you want the feeling of being outdoors, try using a low voltage electric light, which simulates the sunlight. This can be especially beneficial in a child’s room, where dramatic lighting would be inappropriate.

Another option is to use wall hangings and paintings as accessories to your rustic bedroom decor. If you want to avoid the feeling of being outdoors, try not to cover the wall until the final stage of your decorating project. Wall hangings are easily removed, so they can be hung on the wall with tape or other methods. Paintings can be framed or unframed, depending on the desired appearance. Some paintings can even be hung without frames. When hung on the wall in a frame, these will look the best, with the painted background showing through the paint.

Choose Appropriate Furniture When Decorating Your New Rustic Bedroom

When choosing your furniture for your new rustic bedroom, you might want to consider using one of the many pieces of rustic furniture that are sold as part of an outdoor furniture collection. These sets include tables, chairs, lamps, and even cookware. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide the style of decor you are looking for in your bedroom. Rustic bedroom furniture is often made of cedar, pine, or other outdoor wood products. They will also keep moisture from building up in your walls and your mattress.

Even if you live in a city or area with no access to large amounts of woodworking equipment or outdoor furniture, you can still create a comfortable sleeping experience using rustic furniture items. Choose a bed that has a built-in stand. This will allow you to keep the bed off the floor and give you easier access to the plumbing pipes underneath the bed. Adding extra storage to your bedroom with closet shelving will help you maintain the look you are going for while making room in your garage or attic for other furniture items you may need.

Lighting is an important factor in designing your bedroom. Natural wood bedroom furniture is well suited to this look. Because the eye can easily follow the candlelight movement in the room. If you want a more romantic feel, put some candles on your bed. Use scented candles in aromatherapy jars. Your imagination is nearly endless when decorating a bedroom.

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