Ikea Kallax Shelves Customized with An Acrylic Glass

Ikea Kallax shelves are the ideal foundation for creative individuals. Indispensable as a record by Ikea fans. Beloved as a bookcase, popular as a partition in the communal office, such as a bedside, seat, bar cabinet, and display cabinet, Ikea Kallax shelves are well-liked by fans. We are talking about the Expedit successor, Ikea Kallax. A no-frills but all the more versatile pieces of furniture predestined for DIY hacks and individual changes.

Many accessories have been available from the manufacturer that allow a certain personalization of the Ikea Kallax shelves with simple means: drawers, doors, inserts. Nevertheless, a bad aftertaste remains because the scope for individualization with Ikea accessories’ help is quite limited. If you want more, you have to let your imagination run wild. You can use it to create really small (or larger, depending on size) artworks.

Backlit Bench Made of 4 × 1 Ikea Kallax Shelves

Ikea Kallax shelves are available in different sizes, dimensions, and shapes. Among other things, also as a single cube. The 4 × 1 version of the piece of furniture is particularly popular as a seat. You don’t need much for a futuristic look and some indirect lighting in the room:

– A 4 × 1 Ikea Kallax shelf in the color of your choice.
– A 1.47 MX 42 cm acrylic glass cut – Tip: the whole thing becomes more multi-dimensional with acrylic mirror elements; color effects are created with a fluorescent acrylic glass.
– Double-sided tape or mounting tape.
– One LED strip approx. 33 cm long per cube.


How to Cover Ikea Kallax Shelves with Acrylic Glass?

The rear outer frame of the Ikea Kallax shelf is taped as carefully as possible with adhesive tape. Then the LED strips are glued into the individual compartments of the shelf. A little caution is advised here:

Whether the strips are attached to the top or bottom of the cubes is a matter of taste. However, a different lighting effect is achieved if the LEDs are glued on top or bottom.

Since the LED strips are wired, they should be attached so that the power cables can be laid or glued to the outside of the shelf’s thin central struts. This is because these are offset a few millimeters inwards about the outer shelf edges. In this way, the cables can be neatly guided away from the front under the acrylic rear wall glued on later. So that the cables do not come into view, it is advisable to fix them selectively. A little double-sided tape will help here too.

The thicker mounting tape at the shelf edges also creates several millimeters of space between the inner supports and the acrylic sheet. Thus, LED strip cables can be guided more easily there. Caution: If you attach the LED strips to the bottom of the cuboid, you have to lead them out upwards and fix them along the vertical inner struts on the outside of the acrylic back wall to keep them invisible. Tip: A seat cushion on the Ikea Kallax shelf also conceals the lead-out cables.

At the last stage, the mounting tape’s protective film is removed along the shelf’s edge. A cut-to-size fluorescent acrylic glass sheet is placed flat and pressed for a few minutes. If you work in pairs, you can do it a little more precisely.

Alternatively, the Ikea Kallax bench can also be closed from the front with another acrylic glass panel to generate even more atmospheric, indirect lighting.

To replace the LED strips more easily, you can have acrylic sheets cut to size so that you can use them to create a sliding door or individual cube doors. (There are pressure mechanisms and hinges available to purchase so that the attachment of an unsightly handle is superfluous and the surface remains flat and smooth. This is also useful if you want to use the backlit DIY bench as a showcase at the same time.

Indirect Lighting Creates Atmosphere

Depending on the choice of the glass color and LED light color, a backlit Ikea Kallax shelf can create different moods and contribute to the room atmosphere and the feeling of well-being. Due to its flexibility, the solution is suitable for almost all rooms: from the children’s room to the living room, as a bench next to the cloakroom in the hallway or as a calming decorative element in the bedroom opposite the bed, in which even succulents or mini cacti can find space.


Acrylic glass panels are produced from materials that will help you add a stylish look to your environment. Since the shelves and partitions are made of the same material as the outer panel, this product will have a smoother appearance. It will provide great detail to every room of your home.

As a result, the whole process of putting together Acrylic Glass Customized Ikea Kallax Shelves and then adding other decorations to your decor can take around 1-2 hours.

Thanks to its design, it is suitable for almost all rooms! You can use it in many rooms of your home, from the children's room to the living room. This decor has an attractive appearance that helps you change the mood of your home.

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