Indian Decorating Style: Exotic Bollywood Style at Home

Welcome to India. Do you like it exotic, colorful, and gorgeous? Then let yourself be infected by the magic of the Indian decorating style. Artfully painted furniture, bright fabrics and carpets, decorative items, and stylish seat cushions conjure up Bollywood flair in your four walls.

A Style Between Colonial, Bollywood, and Orient

The Indian style is magical and mysterious. It stands for wealth, happiness, and spiritual strength. Is exciting and colorful, exotic and magnificent. The extraordinary design fascinates us as well as the filigree handicrafts. And we are particularly impressed by the world of Indian colors. Indian spices inspire the subcontinent: The color classics in curry and turmeric tones and the famous saffron, chili, or cinnamon tones.

The combination of tradition and modernity is particularly typical of the Indian decorating style. Classic shapes are implemented stylishly. A look into the past shows why this is so: Maharajas, Mughals, and British colonial rulers have strongly influenced Indian living culture. They shape the interior to this day.

Excellent Craftsmanship from The Subcontinent

Elaborate handicrafts are indispensable: Indian furniture is one of the highest-quality handicrafts in Asia. Attention to detail is an essential characteristic that amazes interior lovers around the world.

The best example is the numerous carvings, millings, motifs, applications, and ornaments that can find everywhere. Hand-painted surfaces create an artfully Asian flair. Blankets, pillows, and fabrics are interwoven with golden threads, decorated with sequins, and richly embroidered.

Lush Colors and Opulent Patterns

Indians rely on sensual colors with solid contrasts when it comes to decorating. This is sometimes cheerful and relaxing, occasionally invigorating or mystical and fairytale-like. Curry yellow is particularly popular. It stands for mother earth. On the other hand, Saffron orange symbolizes the skin of deities, while chili red stands for beauty and happiness. Indigo blue is considered the color of the gods. White – the color of mourning in India – is almost absent in Indian decorating.

The colors shine – whether on the wall or on furniture and accessories. The color combinations are highly colorful and sometimes very unusual, for example, pink and orange or green and blue next to each other. Accordingly, you can choose either subtle or bold wall colors in Indian style, in any case as a bright contrast to a piece of furniture or decorative elements. How about, for example, a turquoise-colored cupboard in front of an orange-painted wall? Matching pink silk curtains decorate the windows.

Incidentally, a room in boho style can be wonderfully furnished with living ideas from India. Typical patterns for India are paisley, mandalas, and floral ornaments. The prints are eye-catching, but showcasing has no place in Indian patterns. This is all about uniqueness.

Must-Haves: Furniture, Decorative Items, and Accessories

Cozy and Comfortable

Beautiful fabrics, embroidered floor and seat cushions (poufs) with tassels and pompoms on thick carpets, colorful sofa cushions, dreamy blankets, and bedspreads (plaids) make the home cozy in an Indian way.

Dreamy Mood

Oriental fragrance lamps and light sources create a mood like from 1001 nights. Tea lights and lanterns, lanterns, and fairy lights are great eye-catchers.

Shimmering Splendor

The Indian style glitters and sparkles as much as it gets: it comes into its own on glass mosaic bowls, metal accessories such as trays, plates, or candle holders.

In Other Spheres

Religious decorative items such as statues of Ganesha, Shiva, Lakshmi, and Krishna make us contemplative. Wall tattoos, brass singing bowls, or incense stick holders refine the spiritual atmosphere.

Typical India

Painted and richly decorated chests, cupboards, drawers, sideboards, high boards, and side tables are often made of solid wood (teak, Sheesham, or mango) belong to an Indian room.

The Decorating Style of The Indians

Living ideas from India make exotic dreams come true in your home. In no time, you conjure up a little magical Maharajah flair in your four walls. If you like to wander even further into the distance, our international living trends are the right place for you. How about a pinch of French charm? Or a little Marrakech feeling? The complete opposite of the flashy furnishing style of the Indians is the Wabi-Sabi look of the Japanese. Go on a journey of discovery with us!

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