Industrial Style Dining Room: Dining in A Loft Flair

Are you pragmatic and also like your furnishings to be functional? Then set your table in the industrial dining room. This rough look is perfect for those who are not in the mood for gimmicks and chichi. Invite you to dinner with a special factory charm!

The industrial style is a classic that you can use to furnish your home timelessly. It has its origins in New York in the 1980s. Many artists moved into empty factory halls and thus created the modern loft style: the old workbenches served them as inexpensive furniture to let off steam. Take advantage of this flair when furnishing your dining room. In a no-frills room, you’re invited to get creative.

Industrial Style Dining Room: Consistently Simple

The special charm of your dining room in industrial design: It is rugged, angular, masculine, and therefore robust and functional. There you will find metal, wood, and leather as basic elements. The color scheme is also based on this: black and brown set the tone, while large white areas contrast. But muted pink, the color blue, or living ideas in green also work well in the industrial dining room.

You are welcome to leave your floor rough. A simple concrete floor is classic. Old wooden floorboards are warmer. The walls also like to remain unplastered. Bare brick walls create an industrial atmosphere.

Furniture Like in The Vintage Factory Hall

If you set up your dining room in industrial style, a large dining table made of solid wood focuses. With heavy metal legs, it looks like a workbench from the old factory days. If you like it more discreet or set up a small dining room, you can choose a more filigree piece with slim table legs. Simple dining chairs with leather covers go well with this or a bench in the style of the dining table.

Another important element of the dining room in the industrial look is the lamp. For dining room lighting, choose a factory-style lamp. Large metal pendant lights, lattice designs, or bare pear constructions are ideal.

Limit yourself to table and dining room chairs in an industrial style. Keep additional furniture to a minimum. A simple metal shelf or an inconspicuous sideboard brings order to dishes and cutlery without taking the table away. A simple metal serving trolley becomes a minibar.

In the Industrial Dining Room, No Part Is Too Much

A dining room in industrial style works for itself and basically does not need any decoration. If you still want to loosen up the atmosphere, opt for simple pieces such as concrete candlesticks or easy-care plants such as succulents.

Play around with materials to subtly upgrade the room. Copper decorations or sheet metal living ideas fit harmoniously into the industrial environment. Patterns are rather uncommon in industrial design. Use the most subtle geometric shapes on napkins or the like.

Leave your industrial-style dining table “naked” – it doesn’t need a tablecloth or jewelry. Choose simple dishes for a perfect whole. Be brave and use ceramics in matt gray or even black.

Industrial Style Dining Room: A Touch of Cool Loft Flair

The industrial dining room is perfect for anyone who likes to decorate themselves simply but with a rough touch. If you like things a little more playful, you are at the right place with deco in retro style. Decorate your dining room with old tin signs or whiskey bottles from grandpa’s times, and you can live your vintage industrial dream!

Do you want to equip the rest of your home with vintage flair and bitter charm? With the Bauhaus style, you can furnish your apartment with coolness, as if it came straight from the “Mad Men” set.

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