Instructions for Buying Lamps Online: Tips & Tricks

Lamps are definitely not one of the things you just buy online. But there are a few tricks you can use to make your way through the online range of lamps and lighting systems. Lighting can definitely be a major purchase, and after all, it is part of the home, the furnishings. That is why you should make a wise and appropriate decision. Exactly, for this reason, it is not an object that you want to buy unseen or fly blind anywhere on the Internet. You might find an appealing design, but you are quickly overwhelmed when putting together the right constellation from the different colors, materials, designs, and sizes available. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when buying lamps online and making a good decision.

Checklist for Buying Lamps on The Internet

A few bullet points and key data help make the confusing offer on the Internet a little more manageable.

  • What am I looking for?

A lamp, of course. But what one? A chandelier or a pendant light? Recessed ceiling lights or LED rail systems?

  • Which design do I like?

Should it be a statement piece, an eye-catcher, or rather something reserved and subtle?

  • What do I not want?

Is there a material or a color that you exclude from the start? Or a style that doesn’t work in the existing facility?

  • Which function (s) does the lamp have to fulfill?

Does it have to achieve a certain brightness level, or should it be height-adjustable, for example?

  • How expensive can the lamp be?

Some renovation or furnishing projects have a fixed budget. It is not a bad idea to set yourself a financial margin of maneuver when buying lamps online.

Knowing the dimensions and dimensions can be decisive for a satisfactory lamp purchase on the Internet. If you are looking for spotlights and wall lights, you should know the dimensions of the works of art, mirrors, and accessories that you want to use them to present and the dimensions of the lamp and the wall it is to be attached to. For a ceiling lamp in the dining room, the dining table’s size and the overall size of the room are decisive. And the ceiling height, of course.

Plan and Get an Idea

Anyone who gets inspiration with the help of “window shopping” in online lamp shops should definitely sleep on it for a night before ordering. Impulse buying can, without question, be fun, but it’s not particularly effective—especially not when buying lamps online. A crystal chandelier might look great like this, but do you really want to have to clean the crystal elements every time you’ve fried or deep-fried something?

The color temperature also plays a role when buying a lamp. If you are unsure whether you prefer warm or cold-white light in the room, you should try it with existing lamps. Simply equip the table and floor lamps, which are already in the facility, with light bulbs of different warmth to better understand what can work in the room and the predominant colors.

If you are unsure about the size of a lamp, you should “tinker” with a dummy. It is sufficient to shape an object out of a cardboard box that imitates the desired lamp’s basic dimensions to understand how big or small the lighting construction should be or how deep and expansive a ceiling lamp could hang. For wall lights, masking tape, with which you mask the lamp dimensions, can be an effective solution to get a good idea of the desired lamp’s effect in the apartment’s desired location.

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