Living Room as A Home Cinema: Tips for Decorating

Do you want to transform your living room into a home theater? With our practical decorating tips, you can create your home cinema in professional quality. Find out now which technology, living utensils, and furniture you need.

Technology for Real Cinema Flair: How To Choose the Right Equipment

With the right technology, you can enjoy crystal clear sound and a phenomenal picture in your living room. But what do you have to consider when choosing? We reveal everything worth knowing.

Home Theater Planning: The Choice Between Tv and Projector

Are you unsure which device creates a more authentic cinema flair? When it comes to home cinema, the motto is the bigger, the better. After all, you associate a real cinema with a giant screen.

A large 65-inch flat-screen offers you an impressive screen diagonal of 164 centimeters. Important: Your sofa should ideally be at least three meters away from the device to protect your eyes. Therefore, in smaller living rooms, it is better to use devices with 55 inches, i.e., 140 centimeters screen diagonal.

In terms of resolution, the following applies: So-called Ultra HD offers four times more film points than Full HD and is, therefore, the ultimate for cinema fans. But: In any case, a projector beats the dimensions of a television when it comes to image size. After all, a projection surface with a screen diagonal of two meters is easily possible here.

Remember that living room projectors are particularly suitable for large rooms. The projected image should be half as wide as the distance to the sofa. So if the area is two meters wide, ideally, you are sitting four meters away. A shorter distance will strain your eyes in the long run.

Home Cinema Audio: The Ideal Sound System

Cinema without a bombastic sound? Unthinkable. For the right sound, a surround system with subwoofers is recommended when decorating the living room. Thus offers booming sound and fits into even the smallest living room. Ideally, you should add a so-called AV receiver to the technology. The device serves as a control center and amplifies audio signals – for even more effective background noise.

Good to know: For optimal listening pleasure, the seating in your home cinema is never directly on the wall, but at least a meter away from it.

Home Cinema Living Room: How To Create Optimal Lighting Conditions

In the cinema, you’re sitting in the dark – and for a good reason. The screen would reflect external light sources and thus lose image quality. The picture on your home projector or television is very similar. For this reason, a darkened room is recommended for the best home cinema experience.

So invest in light-tight blinds, curtains, or roller blinds. Thus, you keep out the sun and the glare of street lamps. However, it shouldn’t be as black as night in your home cinema either; otherwise, your eyes will soon tire. With a strongly dimmed, warm white ceiling light, you can create ideal lighting conditions for extended viewing pleasure.

Sofa, Carpet, and Others: Everything You Need to Know About Your Home Theater System

For Comfort: Comfortable Seating

When it comes to seating, the motto in Home Cinema also applies the bigger, the better. After all, you want to relax and put your feet up during the film marathon. An imposing home cinema couch – like a giant or corner sofa – is ideal. Alternatively, choose an upholstered home cinema armchair with a matching stool.

On the other hand, sofa beds are suitable for small living rooms. Can fold out this multifunctional furniture for a DVD evening for extra convenience.

For the Technology: Low Boards and Wall Units

A wall unit is perfect for small living rooms. Their design frames your Ultra HD television and also offers storage space for DVDs and audio devices.

Low boards are ideal for large rooms. So exposed, nothing steals the show from your high-quality TV set or the projection surface above it.

For the Picture: The Right Wall Color

Have you decided on a projector? The right wall color is crucial for realistic color reproduction and excellent projection. Ideal: an even white. The flatter the surface, the better.

Don’t feel like repainting? Invest in a canvas.

For the Sound: A Fluffy Carpet

A fluffy carpet or a soft rug increases your home cinema’s comfort level and improves the sound. Because: The textile reduces reverberation and thus increases the audio quality of your technology.

Can Be Implemented for Every Home: The Dream of A Home Cinema

Is a home cinema a luxury? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that? Our decorating tips prove that we can realize the dream of home cinema in the living room for everyone. After all, you only need a few devices and living utensils for your very private, cinematic spectacle, which you can even find in a small living room. So don’t wait any longer and enjoy the great cinema on your own four walls.


If you want to turn your living room into a home theater, you have the choice between a television and a screen. Depending on how big your living room is and the size of the picture you want, you can choose one of the two options. A good sound system also forms the basis of a successful home cinema. Use 5.1 Dolby surround sound systems for a natural cinema feeling. You can also sit on a cozy sofa for the best comfort in your home theater and all planned film marathons with your loved ones. For the ideal lighting conditions, darken the room with light-tight blinds, curtains, or roller blinds.

It would help if you preferably mounted a projector on the ceiling or wall. If this option is not available, provide a level surface and place it on a chair, table, or small shelf. With adjustable feet, you can align the projector perfectly to the screen. A projector is only suitable for larger living rooms. You can ensure the necessary distance between the projector and screen to output the best possible image, and you don't strain your eyes. Basically: The screen should be half as wide as the distance to the sofa.

For the essential equipment to make your home cinema dream come true, you should expect a sum of around $ 2,000. Bear in mind that purchasing a suitable sofa, decorative items, or lighting objects can result in additional costs. If you rely on a very high-quality blockbuster atmosphere, you have to reckon with significantly higher acquisition costs of up to $ 33,000.

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