Living with Plants – Pure Nature for Your Home

Whether small cactus, hanging ivy, or large-leaved banana tree – plants are one of the most beautiful and luscious home decorations. In addition: They donate oxygen and can even protect against the formation of mold. We will show you how you can make your home naturally beautiful with indoor plants.

Something for The Eye – and For Your Health

Living with plants positively affects people in different ways: In workrooms, plants increase concentration and performance; in living rooms, they provide relaxation, security, and a pleasant feeling of well-being. Even a small cactus on the desk creates a kick of freshness.

Little Miracles of Nature

You probably know the principle of photosynthesis from school. Plants produce sugar and oxygen from light, water, and carbon dioxide. While they keep the sugar to themselves, they release the oxygen into their surroundings. A 100-year-old beech, for example, releases as much oxygen into its surroundings in one hour as 50 people need to breathe.

You probably won’t find space for a beech tree. But even among the small plants, there are eager oxygen donors that are good for you and your home.

These Plants produce Plenty of Oxygen.

The areca palm, for example, is a master at producing oxygen. This significantly improves the air around you.

Of course, you don’t just have to decorate your home with areca palms to maintain a comfortable and healthy climate. Another very hard-working houseplant is the well-known and easy-care aloe vera. Unlike many other plants, this grass tree plant produces oxygen even overnight.

To give your bedroom a little natural flair, the aloe vera plant is a perfect choice.

Humidity – Caution Is Advised

A humidity of 50 percent is ideal for apartments. But especially in the winter months, this value quickly falls below the ideal value. You can remedy this with plants. Because they are living humidifiers.

But be careful! Ventilate your apartment sufficiently so that too much damp air does not collect and mold can develop.

Especially in the bedroom, you should always keep an eye on the humidity. Why? People sweat more during sleep. If you forget to ventilate and put in humidifiers such as aloe vera plants, it is almost an invitation for mold. However, if you provide enough fresh air, plants are perfect for your bedroom.

The Right Place for Your Green Roommates

From the study to the bathroom – every room in your home has its favorite plants. To find out which plant is suitable for which room, pay attention to the origin of the plant and the properties it brings with it, among other things.

Chrysanthemums, for example, are perfect for the study as they filter pollutants from the air produced by printers, copiers, and adhesives.

The robust piston thread originally comes from the tropics and is therefore particularly comfortable in your bathroom. With this plant, you can breathe deeply and free of harmful substances.

Are you a fan of Ficus Houseplant? Then put the mulberry plant in your bedroom. In addition to the aloe vera, the ficus plant is also an oxygen producer that lets you slumber relaxed.

Living with Plants: Creative Decorating Ideas

A simple pot of cress on the dining table is too boring for you? There are countless ways in which you can make your home green and creative. Plants don’t always have to stand on the floor or by the window. For example, Ivy, monstera, or ferns love to hang from the ceiling on the wall. They also feel very comfortable in stylish hanging baskets.

Urban Jungle

Whether directly on the floor, the chest of drawers, or the window sill – for a real jungle feeling, combine large and small plants and choose modern cachepots made of terracotta, concrete, or ceramic in light pastel colors.

Vertical Garden

Plants on the wall? You read that right. Your own wall garden creates an extravagant atmosphere in your four walls. From a fancy moss graffiti in the hallway to your own collection of herbs in the kitchen, everything is possible. Place the plants in a special three-part device:

  1. An insulation layer that lies directly on the wall protects the wallpaper from moisture.
  2. The carrier system, which consists of a metal grid, provides a stable base for the plants.
  3. Finally, the plant layer includes various small boxes in which you place the plants.

You then hang the whole thing on the wall like a painting. To round off the look, decorate the room with motif wallpapers, pillows, or curtains with plant patterns.

Combination with Natural Materials

Do you want to harmonize plants with your interior? No problem. Natural materials are ideal for this. You let your houseplants really come into their own.

Seating furniture made of rattan, a carpet made of sisal, or plant pots made of raffia combined with your plants transform your apartment into your own little natural paradise.

It Fits the Season

Each season has its own charm and the perfect houseplant for decoration. In spring, there is nothing better than freshly cut tulips on the dining table.

Summer is all about the flowering butterflies – orchids on the window enchant every room.

Light yellow, bright red, dark brown – autumn lets nature shine in its own light. Pick up on this mood and create an autumnal wreath for your door.

The conifer is part of winter – a festive table setting made of fir branches will get you and your family in the holiday mood.

This Is How You Create a Green Paradise

Plants like the company of other plants. To arrange different plants in one place in groups. As a result, they develop a microclimate that positively affects the growth and health of every single houseplant.

Limitless Color Combinations

Different shades of green or motley – there are no limits to the combination. The different green tones of the leaves harmonize wonderfully with each other, and the individual colorful flowers make your home really colorful.

The only thing to keep in mind: put together plants whose needs are similar. Some need direct sunlight; others like it shadier. Some can tolerate a lot of water, others less.

A diverse and harmonious urban jungle consists, for example, of bow hemp on the floor, a monstera for the middle floor, and a golden fruit palm as the largest inhabitant of the small biotope.

Living with Plants – Something for Everyone

As you can see, indoor plants are good for the eyes and for your health. Thanks to the great diversity of species and the countless possible combinations, you can let your imagination run wild and turn your home into a natural paradise piece by piece.

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