Modern Living Room Trends * Best Ideas

The living room trends 2021 are made for everyone who knows how to create something special out of nothing. The main components of a modern living room design in 2021 are the practical and functional characteristics of the furniture. A modern furnishing style is characterized by simplicity and neutral tones. The living room trends 2021, which are primarily kept bright, harmonize perfectly with this style. Modern living rooms are also allowed to have minimalist features.

Decorative items and accessories made of natural materials and designs that take up natural motifs set successful accents. Home textiles create a cozy, homely atmosphere. The color scheme in modern living rooms skillfully envelops the natural accessories with a touch of relaxed, soft pastel tones. Ideally, this facility can be complemented with plenty of natural light. High, wide window fronts will be indispensable in modern living rooms in 2021. Together with a comfortable lighting system, this gives the living room brightness on several levels.

The 5 Most Important Living Room Trends in 2021

1. Minimalism

It wasn’t too long ago that expansive sofa landscapes, expansive sideboards, and TV furniture were all the rage in the living room. In addition, there were various decorative items such as extra-long, heavy curtains and drapes, elegant paintings and pictures, and statues of various sizes. In the meantime, many people dispose of such superfluous objects so that the room can breathe. It is always beneficial for well-being to reduce the living room furniture to a minimum and decorate the room with things that create atmosphere and have practical properties. These include clocks, mirrors, lamps, and the like. No wonder that this trend towards minimalism will continue to find its way into living rooms in 2021.

2. Lots and Lots of Light

A modern living room is characterized by a lot of natural light. Panorama windows and wide window fronts ensure that sufficient daylight enters the living room at any time of the day or year. As a result, living rooms with a modern design also look nice and large, even if the dimensions are not.

3. Expansiveness

In modern living rooms, space must not be obstructed by room-dividing elements. Anything that visually divides the room into individual parcels or areas is a disruptive modern facility. Open space not only allows the light to fall perfectly into the room but also allows the air to circulate sufficiently.

Therefore, a small living room with the adjacent kitchen should be combined to form an open-plan kitchen-cum-living room. Rooms and living areas with a loft character form the basis for a modern look. Because their openness creates the illusion of spaciousness.

4. Environmental Friendliness

Environmentally conscious furnishing is a beneficial and necessary living room trend and a healthy one. If all decorative objects and furniture are made of natural materials, it is good for the room climate and its people. This trend is easy to implement: simply use natural materials such as wood and plant fibers for accessories.

5. Bright Colors

Like as much daylight as possible, light walls and ceilings also help make rooms appear larger. In addition, light wall colors form a great basis for adding more intense color accents that can be changed and exchanged according to mood and taste. Color elements in the decoration can become real eye-catchers in the otherwise quiet, neutral living room.

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