Moving: This Is How You Design Your First Home’s Interior

Whether you want to move into an apartment or a room in a shared apartment – moving out is always exciting. We reveal how you can create an oasis of wellbeing cheaply and in a small space. It’s not difficult at all with the right mix of new and old furniture, cool decorations, and matching accessories.

The First Home of Your Own

Even if you would like to go shopping straight away: Planning is the be-all and end-all for your little nest. Before you buy new furniture, first measure the rooms and see what fits in. Pay attention to the ceiling height and how the rooms are laid out. In a narrow room, for example, individual shelves are a space-saving alternative to deep bookshelves.

Find out which furniture from the youth room or the last flatshare is still in order. Even if you have had enough older pieces, they can look completely different when you combine them. Kitchen chairs look modern again with new seat cushions, and the sofa may only need new decorative cushions.

Set a budget, then decide which pieces to spend a little more on. This can be a high-quality mattress or a designer armchair that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. A checklist can help you keep track of your move.

Here You Will Find a Template that Can, of Course, Still Be Customized:

Moving: This Is How You Design Your First Home's Interior Furniture


Download PDF (for checklist)

Undress Light: Off to The Flat Share

If you set up a room in a shared apartment, you only have to consider one room. But that also means: You have to cope with less space. So that the room is not cluttered, multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds or pull-out tables is practical.

Time for a breath of fresh air: Consciously sort out some furniture from the youth room or the last flatshare. Keep your favorite pieces that you combine with new favorites. You will be surprised how different the parts look in the new setting.

Wall colors have a huge impact on how you feel. Opt for more reserved, gentle nuances. After all, you want to relax here and start the day full of energy at the same time.

One of your favorite pieces of furniture does not fit in the room in a shared apartment? Ask your roommates whether there is still space for it in the common room or in the kitchen. You will feel right at home there.

Furnishing a One-Room Apartment: Small but Nice

With tall cupboards and storage boxes, you create storage space and space. If you set up a small hallway, it is better to use hanging shelves or coat hooks instead of sideboards and bulky cloakrooms.

If you work with a room divider or a partition, this creates the feeling of two separate rooms. A long sofa or a deep shelf is also suitable for interrupting the room.

Would you like to visually separate your dining area from the rest of the one-room apartment? Then choose a different furnishing style than the rest of the furniture. Two different wall colors also create the impression of more space.

A good lighting concept makes the room appear more spacious. Instead of a large ceiling light, you can rely on several small light sources at different heights. These should be evenly distributed in the room.

The smartest way to furnish small rooms is to do without bulky furniture. Also, consider which parts you do not absolutely need. For example, those who rarely have guests don’t need a long table. A small table in the kitchen-cum-living-room is enough.

Yippie, the First Apartment of My Own

You are probably furnishing your first apartment on a small budget. Therefore: First concentrate on one room and then upgrade gradually. Depending on when you find cheap furniture. Start with the room in which you spend most of the time.

It doesn’t have to be all-new when you furnish your first home. With the right decoration and cool accessories, old pieces shine in new splendor. How about, for example, a golden candlestick, chic cloth napkins, and a noble vase for the dining table?

Match the wall color to your furniture so that each room gets its own flair. A berry shade goes well with the boho style in which you are furnishing your small bedroom. The mid-century furniture in the living room, on the other hand, is complemented by an elegant blue-gray.

Rely on timeless design for the initial equipment in your facility. Because you will still like such classics in your next apartment. And it can be rearranged there again.

Be flexible: your bedroom is tiny, but the hallway is spacious? Then the wardrobe will get a new home there. Actually, it is much too beautiful to hide.

Pulling In: This Is How It Becomes Harmonious

Your partner will most likely have a different taste in interior design than you do. See this as an enrichment. Because the mix of styles of a masculine leather sofa and soft textiles such as furs and knitted blankets creates a soft look that, at best, please both.

Write down who is bringing what and what still needs to be bought. Otherwise, you end up with two vacuum cleaners and no coffee table. Important: clarify in advance who is paying what.

For larger purchases, it’s best to focus on a neutral style that both partners like. You can then customize it to your heart’s content with decorations and accessories.

Make sure that everyone gets a retreat where they feel comfortable. Set up a creative corner, for example, or be inspired by our Man Cave ideas.

Perfectly Imperfect in The New Home

Of course, you want a home in which you feel comfortable. But that doesn’t mean your interior has to be spotless from the start. Take your time to find your very own style. Remember: you are still a beginner when it comes to furniture, decoration, and accessories.

Slowly approach trends and styles and trust timeless furnishings. Living classics can be combined and reinterpreted again and againhave fun!

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