Neutral Children’s Room: Tips for Unisex Decorating

Pink and blue were yesterday: Parents increasingly want a gender-neutral environment for their child in which the offspring can develop free of rigid role models. So what is essential in the unisex interior? We reveal what a perfect, neutral children’s room looks like.

The Neutral Basis: The Ideal Color Scheme for Your Unisex Children’s Room

Shades like pink and blue are typically assigned to a specific gender. A children’s room in these tones can influence the development of your offspring – this is not right for all parents. In a neutral children’s room, you should therefore use unisex colors. These tones include natural beige, cheerful, sunny yellow, or harmonious green. Beige has a calming aura and creates a feeling of security in the room. Yellow, on the other hand, has a stimulating effect and exudes a good mood. After all, green brings harmony to every room.

In the best case, combine one of these colors with two endlessly combinable, gender-unspecific base tones. The first is weightless white. So complement white walls with a mint green carpet and painted furniture. Practical: White can easily be painted over or varnished if necessary if your child expresses their design wishes at some point.

The second suitable base color is elegant gray. A chic slate or delicate light gray interior goes well with a lemon-yellow or grass-green wall design in the children’s room. The combination of gray with furniture made of oak also goes well together.

In general, when you decorate and design the children’s room, limit yourself to two colors so that the result looks calm and harmonious. In the realm of your offspring, you should also prefer pastel tones, as these make the room look more open. Use bright frog green only as an accent, for example, as a border or bedside lamp.

A Place to Unfold: Create a Changeable Play Area with An Individual Concept

An ambiance that matches rigid role models does not belong in your neutral children’s room. The gender-neutral play zone should therefore present itself as a changeable, lively environment. To achieve this goal, give your children the opportunity to redesign the room again and again. This opportunity creates a children’s space that grows with a unique young personality.

Walls painted with blackboard lacquer, chalkboards, or paintable wallpaper are ideal for this: Children’s rooms with these elements enable your offspring to help shape their little world. Once wiped with a damp cloth, these surfaces are always ready for new ideas. Non-woven wallpapers, which can be removed quickly if necessary, are perfect for the neutral children’s room. Small, flexible elements are wall tattoos, stickers, and posters that your child can reposition in the room whenever they want. Another must for the changeable play area: a large handicraft corner. In this niche, your offspring creates unique masterpieces with scissors, glue, and crayons, individually embellishing their realm.

Gender-Neutral Heroes and Decoration: Decorative Unisex Elements

The Ideal Neutral Decoration in The Children’s Room

A room decorated with Barbie posters or striking Iron Man bed linen has a one-sided influence on the little personality. Better to rely on gender-neutral heroes and decorations in the neutral children’s room. Images from nature are ideal unisex elements. This includes animals and plants or celestial bodies. These motifs create a lively, neutral ambiance free of role stereotypes.

The Magical Jungle: A Green Unisex Motto

Wild children’s room: girls and boys love this modern, neutral decoration motto. Decorate the children’s room walls with small and large wall tattoos in leaf, tree, and flower shapes and complement this frame with a lamp printed with animals, monkeys, and tigers made of plush and grass-green curtains.

Limitless Expanses: A Detour Into Space

Galactic children’s room: Kids love space and the sparkling starry sky.

Realize this vision with a children’s carpet embroidered with stars, posters of the Milky Way, and a bedside lamp in the shape of a crescent moon.

Your childhood dreams of space will also come true!

Furniture and Accessories in The Unisex Children’s Room: Rely on A Reduced Look

The decorating motto in the unisex children’s room is: less is more. The unisex playground shares this philosophy with minimalism and the popular Scandinavian look. According to this principle, an environment creates a reduced and yet comfortable ambiance that leaves the child room to grow.

Natural woods, which are warm, friendly, and at the same time discreet, are perfect for this contemporary look. So rely on furniture made of spruce, birch, or pine. Puristic, no-frills designs are also essential for the unisex style. The simple box bed fits into the unisex children’s room, as does the uncomplicated round side table.

So that the room looks cozy despite all the restraint, complement this facility with comfortable elements made from high-quality natural materials. These include a fluffy bedspread and decorative pillows, light linen curtains, or a shaggy rug made of cotton.

A Must in The Neutral Children’s Room: Storage Options

Whether Hello Kitty or Hulk: Over the years, children have collected more and more utensils, toys, and items of clothing that are decorated with heroes coded according to gender. Equipped in this way, the unisex children’s room gradually loses its neutral character. What can you do there? It’s simple: make sure you have enough closed storage options. The male and female coded elements are out of sight, and the room retains its neutral charisma. So invest in chests, sideboards, roll containers, and cupboards.

Our tip: Supplement these large organizing aids with small, flexible elements such as storage boxes, boxes, and baskets, which your child can freely distribute in the room again and again in the spirit of a convertible space.

Neutral Children’s Room: The Ideal Canvas for Unique Personalities

Unisex playgrounds are trendy. No wonder: neutral children’s rooms encourage the development of unique personalities – and are also ideal for sibling rooms shared by brother and sister. With our practical tips and tricks for decorating children’s rooms, you can give your offspring a modern, limitless realm.

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