Order in The Bathroom: Tips for A Better Overview

Towel storage, sample arsenal, and half-empty shower rooms and shampoo bottles in every corner? It doesn’t have to be! A tidy bathroom makes life easier and is not difficult to implement. With the right furniture, clever layout, and a few tricks, you can quickly create order in the bathroom.

The bathroom tends to be a mess. The reasons for this are obvious: small items such as nail scissors, make-up removal pads, and toothbrushes collect here. Cosmetic products are often bought in advance and also need to be stowed away well. In addition, used towels and laundry from the last week are usually lying around. You will feel most comfortable in the bathroom when it is tidy and well structured – regardless of whether you have a lot of space or a mini bathroom with a shower. Our tips finally bring order to the bathroom.

Stow Bathroom Items with Furniture and Accessories

The most important thing for an attractive bathroom is furniture that creates storage space. Towels and small items disappear in various cupboards. A mirror cabinet fits perfectly when decorating a small bathroom, and a vanity unit does not take up any additional space.

You can also save space with a pull-out cosmetic mirror that you can attach to the wall. You can even store the toilet paper with stylish stainless steel brackets or a toilet set made of light wood.

A specially designed hanging or midi cabinet is suitable for the medicine cabinet. Necessary: Ensure that the shelves and furniture are ideal for the bathroom and that the materials withstand high humidity levels. Wooden bathroom furniture, for example, should have sealed surfaces.

Keep Things in Order Visually

The color scheme in your bathroom also plays a significant role in creating a pleasant atmosphere. Use uniform towels and bath mats to avoid a clutter of colors. The following applies: less is more. A colorful bathroom will only put you in a good mood if you don’t overload it.

Too much furniture and accessories that are too colorful create visual disturbance and make the bathroom look untidy. Creating unobstructed views and carefully placing bathroom furniture and accessories for an authentic feel-good atmosphere is better.

Open or Closed Bathroom Cabinets?

When decorating the bathroom, the question of open or closed shelves and cupboards quickly arises. Which bathroom do articles go where? The basic rule is: keep open storage areas tidy and create structure. Present beautiful, presentable things, for example, perfume bottles or decorative mini flower pots with artificial plants.

Unimportant utensils disappear behind closed cabinet doors. This includes products that you only use occasionally – such as face masks, sponges, foot care products, and travel cosmetics.

Store Typical Bathroom Accessories Well

What to do with the necessary bathroom articles? “Small items” can be stored in drawers, rattan baskets, or transparent boxes. Inlays are particularly smart – they make the whole thing even more apparent.

Also, different products for the body, face, and hair. Try to keep this “thematic” structure. The devil in the bathroom lies primarily in the decorative details: perfume and makeup samples accumulate over time. You should therefore use the products regularly and then dispose of them.

You can store basics such as towels and washcloths decoratively. There are stylish towel rails made of stainless steel or wood. If you keep the bathroom textiles in open cupboards, roll them up nicely—sort towels by color and size for accurate stacks.

If too much humidity develops, the bathroom smells unpleasant. It would help if you, therefore, hung wet towels over attractive towel racks or towel radiators. Use closed laundry baskets that match the design of the rest of the decorating. A basket made of bamboo, for example, creates a tropical atmosphere.

Be smart when sorting: Articles that you need daily or often are permanently close at hand. Can stylishly store small parts in bowls made of ceramic or colored glass. Products in stock are stored further back in the cupboard or go to the storage room or basement.

The Right Stage for Your Bathroom Decoration

The top priority when decorating the bathroom: do not to overload the room. When you decorate, set specific accents. You can create wellness at home with candles in wind glasses made of colored glass or a ceramic vase with pampas grass. On the other hand, it is better to do without dust catchers such as unnecessary decorations and too many plants.

Tidying up The Bathroom – A Liberating Feeling

In a tidy bathroom, you will find everything you are looking for straight away. For example, you can save time in the morning before work and start the day relaxed. In addition, tidy rooms have a positive effect on the mood. Your bathroom becomes a wellness temple where you can relax and gather new strength. A warm atmosphere also guarantees optimal bathroom lighting. Do you want to create space in other rooms as well? In our ten tips for more space, we reveal how it works.

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