Organic Shapes in Interior Design: Timeless Classics for Your Home

Goodbye angular edges, hello curvy divas: welcome furniture and home accessories with organic shapes to your four walls. Flowing designs harmonize perfectly with solid wooden furniture and earthy colors.

Organic Shapes Timeless Classics

Whether roundoval or elliptical: Organic shapes have a gentle effect compared to furniture with strict edges or pointed corners. They not only protect against bruises but also harmonize with many different furnishing styles and look elegant. That is why they are right at the top of the list of the most popular interior trends for 2021.

Noble Curves for Your Home

Round furniture is a timeless classic: French women discovered the boudoir chair as early as the Renaissance. Boudoir refers to a small room where the lady of the house can retreat. The chair in this chamber was often upholstered and covered with velvet, had a round seat and a curved back.

Organic shapes were also very popular in the Baroque that followed: Round console tables with curved legs and double chests of drawers with a bulbous base were particularly popular. Rococo furniture design became even more curved and arched. Delicate pieces of furniture that should above all be comfortable were en vogue – like the chaise longue typical of that time.

Skilfully Set Accents

Spreading furniture attracts everyone’s attention if it has enough space and is not covered by other living objects. Combined with earth tones and natural materials, a coherent overall picture is created. Bright colors or unusual materials such as concrete, on the other hand, create interesting contrasts.

How about, for example, a round dining table or an oval dining table for your dining room? These shapes made of wood radiate a lot of warmth and create a harmonious atmosphere at dinners. You sit closer together than at a square table, and there is no unconscious hierarchy due to the seating arrangement. A kidney-shaped or round metal coffee table in your living room gives your corner sofa a retro touch. Round mirrors, circular wall shelves, and oval carpets complete the style.

One Heart and One Soul: Living Trends for Organic Shapes

Round, oval or elliptical home accessories go perfectly with the Scandinavian look: The shapes make Nordic coolness appear softer and gentler, especially with wooden furniture. Subtle colors such as pastel tones, white, or a light gray stylishly pick up the nuances of the decorating trend. Are you into the urban jungle? The oval leaves of your green favorites and your new decorating in a flowing design are a dream team. Organic shapes are also ideal for anyone who likes to decorate their apartment in a glamorous way: Expansive velvet sofas and round tables with marble tops bring Hollywood into your living room.

By the way: Anthroposophical architecture also relies on flowing designs. According to this worldview, round corners and curved shapes create security and safety because they remind us of the protective womb. You have to decide for yourself whether this applies to you or not. Organic shapes are relaxed and elegant.

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