Outdoor Area: Decorating Tips for Balconies and Terraces

Why wander far away when the good is so close? The Mediterranean coast, the Orient, and the Caribbean are now just a few steps away. With our decorating tips, you can transform your outdoor area into your very own dream destination. Holidays from balconies have never been so beautiful.

Vacation Under Palm Trees: This Is how Balconies Become a Tropical Island Paradise

Vacation in the Bahamas is an absolute dream. You can now feel comfortable in your home. The most important thing here: the right color concept. After all, the tropics are known for their eye-catching solid colors. Choose accessories and upholstery, and covers for your balcony furniture in green, yellow, and pink. And speaking of furniture: loungers, chairs, etc., made of rustic natural materials such as wood and rattan, look cozy and belong in your local tropics. Click tiles made of wood or a bamboo mat, as pleasantly warm under your feet as fine powdered sugar sand, go well with this. Round off your island paradise with a parasol, a bamboo fence, paddling pool, as well as cacti and palm trees – and make your mental journey into the distance easier with scented candles or incense sticks with exotic coconut lemongrass, or citrus fruit aroma.

Holidays on The Mediterranean: Decorating Tips for The Local Amalfi Coast

Unique good-mood nuances also characterize the Mediterranean area. These are soft green, the majestic blue of the sea, and warm ocher. So keep textiles and accessories for your balcony or terrace in this cozy color scheme. Furniture and decorating made of olive wood or rattan and wicker are also typically the Mediterranean. A floor covering made of slate, granite, or other natural stone is the ideal canvas for these elements.

Which balcony do plants belong to the local Amalfi Coast? Fragrant basil, rosemary and thyme, and of course olive trees.

Now all that is missing in your outdoor area are charmingly decorated buckets and vases made of terracotta or stone and delicate lanterns. After all, the Mediterranean style lives from the combination of rural simplicity and cheerful playfulness. This is how your dream vacation can begin on the balcony!

Relax Like God in France: Provence in Your Outdoor Area

Excellent wine fields full of blooming lavender and timeless romance: for these three elements, you travel to Provence. You can create this ambiance in your outdoor area with a glass of rose wine and furniture and accessories with a vintage look. These include wrought iron tables and chairs. Weathered-looking wood and rustic clay are also characteristic materials.

For the unmistakable Provence smell, plant lavender in window boxes or tubs. For comfortably intimate moments in the south of France, candles, fairy lights, and skin-caring home textiles are indispensable. Predominantly romantic vibes exude seat cushions and blankets in floral patterns. The color spectrum for your home Provence: purple, white, and gray. This trio exudes earthy elegance on your balcony or small terrace.

The Magic of The Orient: The Balcony Becomes Marrakech

The typical Moroccan magic combines relaxed simplicity with charming opulence. For this effect, combine furniture made of wood and wickerwork with lots of colorful, patterned, or richly decorated eye-catchers. Seat cushions with a silk look, painted tiles, a hand-knotted eye-catching doormat, or a bright privacy screen for the balcony and terrace are ideal.

You can create Morocco’s characteristic warmth and liveliness with the color trio of brown, rust red, and mustard yellow. A harmonious addition to this inviting color spectrum is vases, buckets, or pillowcases in gold, copper, and brass optics. Lampions, a wall lamp, or lanterns made from these materials provide stylish lighting for your outdoor area. Blooming jasmine and candles with an orange scent finally conjure up the magic of the Orient and transform your small balcony or terrace into an oasis of well-being.

Maritime Beauty: The Coast Is Very Close

Whether the Baltic Sea or the Hamptons: The maritime style combines modern luxury with casual restraint. Examples of this are spacious sun loungers or accessories such as fire bowls and lanterns made of glass, metal, or wood. Can complement these elements with natural decorations such as shells and pebbles, beach grass, and sea lavender. The sound of the waves is suddenly very close.

Indispensable maritime basics are the cozy hammock or the beach chair and, of course, a grill. After all, what would a day at the beach be without a final barbecue? The perfect colors of your local coastal town: Fresh blue and white! This duo makes every piece of furniture, from pillow covers to sun sails, seaworthy, especially with a striped look.

Vacation at Home: Balcony Can Do Everything

With our furnishing tips and tricks, you can transform your home into the place of the longing of your choice. Start designing today and look forward to the most beautiful vacation on the balcony.

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