Pantone Colors 2021: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray

Soothing gray and bright yellow will set the tone in terms of design and interior in 2021. Find out how to use “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” in your facility and combine them with one another.

They have the expertise in trendy colors and their effect: the experts from the American color institute Pantone. The company’s color cards are an authority in the fashion, interior design, and cosmetics industries and influence trends worldwide. For more than 20 years, Pantone has chosen a nuance in December that will shape fashion and home design in the following year. And now chose two colors for 2021: “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray.” Does the sun yellow and the constant gray tone go together? We think: absolutely. Read why the two colors are a strong team and how you can set yourself up with the Pantone color trend.

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray: Perfect Match

The Pantone experts have mastered the psychology of color tones. After the exhausting year 2020, they choose a cheerful nuance with “Illuminating.” The color yellow makes you feel confident and lets the viewer look ahead optimistically. At the same time, the solid, down-to-earth gray takes away the fear of an uncertain future.

The effect of the Pantone colors 2021 also enriches your living space: as a duo that finds the perfect balance between restraint and presence. “Ultimate Gray” stays gently in the background. With home accessories, unique pieces, and targeted highlights in “Illuminating” yellow, you can freshen it up according to your wishes.

For example, many feel that they are too cool to furnish themselves entirely in gray. In combination with warm, yellow accents, however, you are on the safe side. At the same time, gray ensures that the look doesn’t become too childish. Both colors are chosen so that neither completely outshines the other. On the contrary: the duo even leaves space for a third color, for example, soft cream or elegant black. By the way: We have collected even more tips for you on how to furnish with colors and find the right tone for every room.

So the Pantone Colors Will Move Into the Living Room in 2021

A narrow wall strip in “Illuminating” (or a narrow wallpaper) sets accents. The subtle “Ultimate Gray,” on the other hand, can also occupy two or three walls. Those who are keen to experiment combine both as wall paint – then the color of the furnishings should be restrained.

Create a cozy and sunny oasis of wellbeing. The basis for this is a gray couch made of leather, velvet, or cord. Decorate with pillowsgenerously: yellow covers and plaids in various textures are ideal. A yellow sofa is a real eye-catcher that attracts everyone’s attention. Here the (gray) home textiles can be puristic so that they do not distract from your special piece of furniture.

“Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” are particularly effective in combination with furniture in mid-century style. For your retro living room, rely on a filigree couch or side tables made of medium brown wood or distinctive sideboards.

Work with accessories: the duo of gray and yellow look elegant, for example, with graphic prints or decorations in gold. A patterned carpet that picks up on both Pantone colors complements the furnishings. Lush green plants on the shelf, in corners, or hanging from the ceiling complete the sunny, cheerful look.

Trends for The Bedroom with Yellow and Gray

It looks happy and energetic if you paint the wall at the head of the bed in yellow. Yellow curtains are an ideal match. Is that too shrill for you? White curtains are elegant and subtle.

A gray box spring bed is timeless and presents itself fresh and summery with a yellow patterned bedspread and decorative pillows made of various materials. Yellow is also a great way to soften the industrial style. For example, in a bed or bedside table with metal elements.

Those who like it restrained in the bedroom only add small accents in yellow, for example, in the form of a floor or ceiling lamp. Picture frames and art prints are also great options for a pinch of “illuminating.”

If you furnish with natural materials, the look becomes even friendlier and more earthy. A bed frame made of wicker or accessories in a woven look goes particularly well in the sleeping area. By the way, bed linen in yellow is an absolute mood lifter, even in winter.

The Trend Duo in The Bathroom and Kitchen

A yellow wall in the kitchen ensures southern joie de vivre. A kitchen unit or cabinets in gray look elegant. Try it out and see how chic this variation on the Scandi style looks.

The gray-yellow look becomes cool and urban with a wall, work surface, or basin in a concrete design. Yellow dishes and bathroom accessories such as jewelry boxes and soap dispensers create a great contrast.

Towels, washcloths, fluffy carpets, or rugs in bright yellow look wonderfully summery. They fit in both the kitchen and the bathroom – of course, you don’t have to choose a room.

Kitchen furniture in shades of yellow or even a combination of gray and yellow is becoming increasingly popular. Be brave and get the color combination in the form of cupboards, drawers, or a cooking island in the kitchen. Always good for the lively trend colors: a sunflower in the kitchen or small cacti in the bathroom.

Pantone Colors 2021: Unbeatable Together

“Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” are strong nuances that can definitely stand for themselves. Combine the two trendy colors, but they develop an extraordinary effect. They reflect both the gratitude for established structures and the longing for a new beginning.

Whether you want the power duo in the form of home accessories or a new look is, of course, up to you. However, one thing is certain: the 2021 home trends will exude the positive vibes that we urgently need right now.

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