Recommendations for Buying Wall Decoration

Your girlfriend is finally coming to visit and take a look at your new apartment. Together you go through the individual rooms and then sit down in the living room. Your girlfriend especially likes the wall decoration, because you really made an effort. In some rooms, you have hung eye-catching wall shelves. In others, candle holders on the walls provide atmospheric light, and in the hallway, a warm welcome in the form of a wall sticker welcomes your guests. You can find out how you can decorate your walls with other wall decorations and other interesting facts here:

Harmoniously Furnished: The Right Wall Decoration for Your Home

Wall decorations are incredibly versatile and can be easily glued to the wall or attached with nails or screws. Do you find it difficult to find a wall decoration that goes with your interior with so many choices? The following overview presents you with a few helpful, inspiring ideas on how you can decorate your home with the right decorative elements for your living style.

Modern Style: Glamorous with Metal

An apartment in a modern style impresses clear lines and high-quality furniture made of glass, metal, or leather. You can round off the shiny surfaces ‘ luxurious look with shimmering wall objects in a noble gold or silver look. Several opulent metal flowers with glittering crystals inside have a glamorous effect in the living room.

Classic Style: Naturally Cozy

Do you like the classic living style with natural wood decors and warm colors such as green or orange? You can express your character with picture frame collages with your loved ones’ photos and your life motto. Your motto is in decorative letters on the wall, spreads plenty of coziness, and shows at a glance what your heart beats for.

Country Style: Romantic in A Vintage Design

As a friend of the cozy country house style, do you prefer brightly painted furniture and antique decors? Romantically curved wall candle holders, which spread an atmospheric light, go well with the relaxed living atmosphere. Also popular are message boards made of wood or metal in a vintage look, on which the paint deliberately flakes off in some places.

From Hall to Kitchen: Wall Decoration for Different Areas

Thanks to the abundance of shapes and functions, you will also find the right wall decoration for your rooms. Read here how to decorate the walls of different living areas.

Hallway: Simply Inviting

In a narrow hallway, two wall candle holders can be hung up next to each other or offset. This is very inviting and creates a nice, atmospheric ambiance in the evening. A decorative antler is a nice alternative to the cloakroom.

Living Room and Study: Practical Storage Space

Pretty decorative shelves that decorate your walls and create storage space are practical in the living room or study. Here you can place plants, books, or other decorative elements. Or choose a large wall object that you can hang behind your sofa so that it immediately attracts attention.

Memo boards are useful in the study so that you can quickly jot down important appointments. They also keep things tidy by sticking your notes there, so they don’t lie around on your desk.

Bedrooms and Children’s Rooms: A Personal Touch

You can give your bedroom a personal touch with a custom mural. Paneled wood pictures look homely and create a cozy atmosphere. In your children’s bedroom, you can also choose wall decorations with bright colors or comic motifs.

Dining Room: Beautiful Views

Window decorations are particularly beautiful in the dining room. To do this, you simply attach several decorative hangers to a string on the ceiling or let a garland flow over the windowsill. Objects that you can place plants on or in are just as beautiful. The green natural decoration makes the room even more comfortable and creates a homely atmosphere.

Kitchen: Versatile

A memo board is a great and useful wall decoration for your kitchen. Here you can attach your shopping list or favorite recipes directly to always have them to hand. Magnetic boards with a transparent protective film are particularly suitable for this. They are easy to clean and can cope with high levels of humidity without the beautiful colors fading.

Five Decoration Tips for A Beautiful Wall Design

If you have decided on wall decoration, you can also start with the design. These tips will show you what to keep in mind.

  1. Leave space for the jewelry to work.
  2. Position the wall decoration centrally and centrally over a piece of furniture.
  3. Light decors stand out nicely from dark walls and furniture and vice versa.
  4. Less is more. Do not overload the walls and rather hang up one large or several small decorative objects.
  5. A fixed color scheme for the individual rooms has a harmonious effect.

Conclusion: Wall Decoration Creates a Homely Atmosphere

With a pretty wall decoration, you bring an individual look and a lot of coziness into your four walls. You can find an overview of important information here:

  • Natural wood decors look classic, wall decors in a noble gold and silver look, shiny metal surfaces go well with the modern living style, and playfully curved candle holders underline the country’s house style.
  • Large wall objects in flower or leaf design fit well behind the sofa in the living room.
  • Atmospheric candle holders in the hallway are inviting. Wall decoration in bright colors fits into the children’s room.
  • In the kitchen or study, memo boards are useful for making notes or storing recipes.
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