Scandi Dining Room: Dine with Nordic Serenity

The dining table is the meeting point of your home. Here you come together with family and friends, here people laugh and live. With the hygge feeling from the far north, you create a place of calm and comfort: Welcome to your Scandi dining room!

Nordic Lifestyle

Bring Bullerbü into your dining room: The stories from the Swedish Småland stand for idyllic family life and the romance of simple country life. With Scandinavian Design, you capture this Nordic comfort. If you set up your dining room and follow the Scandi style, functionality takes precedence over pomp. Gimmicks remain subtle and subtle. Instead, cozy blankets and pillows bring cozy warmth into the living room.

A relaxed get-together has a top priority in this dining room. That makes the style ideal for families. The Scandinavians even have a word for this coziness: hygge.

These Colors and Shapes Bring Hygge to Your Dining Room

Modern Scandi stands for minimalism and calm. The style focuses on the essentials. Large rooms and an open living concept are ideal for this. But it also works when furnishing your small dining room.

The color white is characteristic: create large, bright areas in your dining room. The walls are painted white or are given a soft pastel color at most. This gives the room space. Light plank floors go well with this.

The color scheme of the furnishings and the decoration also remains subtle. Cream colors, pastel tones, and wood create a calm atmosphere. This is loosened up by subtle splashes of color or, alternatively, large areas in light colors.

Specifically placed samples are also welcome. Organic shapes like triangles, waves, or circles are beautiful. They generate warmth in the otherwise rather clean style.

Furniture Like from The Forests of The Far North

Everything is functional in the Nordic dining room: the Scandi dining table is big enough for the family and guests. It serves as a meeting point, not as an art object. Beautiful multifunctional furniture perfect this practical mentality: For example, the bench can contain a chest with blankets waiting for a cozy evening.

Rely on wood furnishings. Furniture with curves, curves, oblique angles, and tapered furniture legs are typical. These are preferably glazed white – often combined with natural wood. Pine, spruce, or birch are perfect.

But contrasts are also possible. How about a table with black legs and a light wood top?

A little experimentation is also allowed here: Scandi dining room chairs in different pastel colors make it exciting. A rattan lampshade brings warmth into the room.

The Scandi Dining Room Invites You to Table with Natural Decoration

You only use accessories sparingly. Concentrate on furnishing with natural materials such as leather, wool, (artificial) fur, or linen. Place pillows and blankets on your chairs. This makes the meal really cozy. That is pure hygge.

Functionality is in the foreground on the table. Choose dishes in white or in light colors. When it comes to decoration, less is more. A subtle selection of candles, trays, vases with small, subtle bouquets, or dried flowers such as pampas, grass, or cotton blossoms goes well. The keyword is “Lagom”: the ideal balance.

You can also subtly decorate the rest of the room with a few pictures, mirrors (make the room appear larger), or small sculptures on the sideboard. Black, sans serif letters on a white background are popular as posters or plates and cups.

Scandi Dining Room with That Certain Something

Scandi is the ideal style if you want to furnish your home timelessly: It is straightforward and designed to experience your everyday life in a relaxed manner. Especially in the dining area, nothing should distract from a happy togetherness.

If you prefer a more opulent style, the Scandinavian down-to-earth approach still works. Keyword: Scandi Boho. We wish you “Smaklig måltid” – bon appetit!

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