Setting up A Utility Room: Create Design for Everyday Use

Storing crates of drinks, sorting rubbish, ironing and washing: the utility room is a small luxury. Because there disappears what you need every day but don’t want to see. Here you can find out how to cleverly set up your utility room, what belongs in it and how it gets a personal touch despite all its functionality.

Sometimes it is referred to as an ironing room, sometimes called a washroom or storage room. The fact is: The utility room is a small luxury that makes everyday life much easier. Since everything essential is collected and housed here, order and structure are essential. So if you have such a multifunctional room, you should set up and design your utility room well.

Then you will enjoy it all the more later. First, consider which household activities you use the utility room for and what exactly should be stowed there. With stylish storage furniture and clever solutions for plenty of space, you can get everything out of the practice space. We will present you with the best ideas.

The Storage Space: Cabinet Systems and Co

Multipurpose cabinets also look good in the utility room. Ensure you have enough drawers and large compartments and hooks for brooms, ironing boards, and vacuum cleaners. Use “dead corners” with corner shelves. A perfect tip for more space, especially in small utility rooms. Stocks are stored in tall storage cabinets with sufficient interior drawers and pull-outs. A shoe cabinet is also a great idea in the utility room: all shoes that do not fit the season can easily be stored here. Beverage crate holders, special dividers on the shelf for wine, and a clear waste separation system complete your utility room.

In everyday life, a lot often has to disappear into a few square meters: household appliances, cleaning supplies, rainwear and shoes, laundry, rubbish, crates of drinks, groceries. The list could be continued as desired. Use your utility room to keep all of that out of sight. You can create storage space with ceiling-high built-in cupboards and generous shelving systems. If you opt for open shelves, boxes with a uniform look ensure a tidy appearance. Here you can store rubber boots, playground equipment, an umbrella, and a dog leash.

The Laundry: The Utility Room as A Washroom

With the necessary connections, the utility room can quickly be converted into a laundry room. In this case, set it up with special washing machine cabinets. Shelving systems for detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, and clothespins help keep things tidy. Are you planning your washing area? Then it is worth paying attention to ergonomics, i.e., the correct height. Your back will thank you. Rolling laundry baskets are just as clever because they are easy on the back.

If you now stretch a few more lines or mount a clothes rail, place the drying rack or clothes horse cleverly and have a nice folding stool ready, the everyday washing routine is much easier. We recommend an extra worktop for folding laundry and other work. Provided, of course, you have enough space for it. If the space is rather tight, simply hang the ironing board on the wall.

The Small Utility Room: Getting Big out Of Creative Ideas

If your utility room is slim and narrow, a single row of the utility rooms is ideal. Towels, detergents, cleaning agents, and small items can be stored in tall cupboards. Tall laundry sorting cupboards are a brilliant solution. You can set up the washing line on one side and a shelving system opposite small rooms.

With your favorite colors on the walls, plants, and decorative elements, you can put yourself in a good mood even in the most practical utility room. A vase with fresh-cut flowers and a stylish lamp also bring some pep into the household monotony. A sturdy carpet, decorative vessels, and colorful baskets make the person look perfect.

And without Your Own Room?

You have neither a cellar nor a utility room? This is how it works in the kitchen: You can separate a separate corner with curtains – color-coordinated with the rest. Or you can integrate a utility room cabinet. It fits into any interior and keeps the kitchen tidy.

Well-thought-out interior equipment systems are ideal for existing cabinets. Also, look for space behind cupboards and niches – one or the other household appliance can also be cleverly stowed here.

If the washing machine has to be in the kitchen or bathroom, build it tall! Pull open shelving systems and cupboards along the wall to under the ceiling – it looks chic, is comfortable, and offers enough space.

The Main Thing Is Practical: The Utility Room

Whether you store groceries, do laundry, or iron there – a utility room is a small miracle that makes household chores a lot easier. Cleverly planned and individually furnished, you create storage space for everyday items. And also a place where little household chores take care of themselves. With these useful kitchen gadgets, which not everyone has, you can also have some fun.

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