Sleep Better in High-Quality Bed Linen

On average, people spend around a third of their life in bed. And a healthy sleep varies between at least 6 to 8 hours, depending on the type. But restful sleep isn’t just a question of how long it lasts. It has long been proven how important the role of a good mattress and a suitable pillow is. But what about the bed linen? Can it also make a contribution to better and healthier sleep quality?

How the Right Bed Linen Affects Sleeping Comfort

Well, at least bed comfort has a significant impact on how rested you wake up after sleep. And this comfort can be created by choosing comfortable duvets and pillows. A down comforter offers a very high comfort level in winter, while a light duvet is more comfortable in summer. But the covers in which you put the comfortable blankets and pillows also play a part in how comfortable you make your bed.

A good, clean and supple duvet cover can noticeably increase the feeling of well-being and contribute indirectly to the quality of sleep. According to the theory of colors, the choice of colors and patterns of bed linen can also influence how well one sleeps in bed linen because it has an unconscious effect on one’s mood.

Features of High-Quality Bed Linen

High-quality bed linen can be recognized by the quality of the materials and the workmanship. But the quality of sleep and the lifespan of quality duvet covers also depend on the care and handling.

The Pill Behavior

High-quality bed linen is pilling-free. This means that little or no nodules will form on the surface of the fabric over time. Pilling occurs on loose fiber ends that detach from the fabric structure. This happens especially with poorly processed, loosely woven materials and fabrics with short fibers. According to this, some materials are naturally more prone to pilling than others. Due to friction, such as turning and turning while sleeping, the loose ends become matted to form small nodules on the surface structure. Not only does it not look nice with bed linen, but it also interferes with sleeping comfort. The pilling bed sheets become scratchy and rough and feel uncomfortable.

The Thread Count

The thread count indicates how tightly the fibers of the bed linen are woven together. The ideal number of threads depends on the material from which the bed linen is woven. Because the denser the fabric, the heavier the cover and the worse the breathability of the bed linen. Manufacturers of high-quality bed linen do not weave every material with the same thread density but align it to its properties. Cotton and percale are processed just right with around 200 threads. In general, experts say that sleep-promoting, comfortable bed linen does not need more than a thread count of 400 to a maximum of 500. However, the quality of the workmanship of high-quality bed linen is not only determined by the right thread count.

The Processing

Even the finest Egyptian cotton and the finest organic silk depend on how cleanly they are processed. Only tested and high-quality workmanship, technology, and craftsmanship, as well as controlled production standards, can guarantee the quality of high-quality bed linen.

The Care

While you are in a certain way depending on the manufacturer’s promises and claims for the processing, the materials, and the thread density, you are in charge of maintenance. Proper care can maintain the quality of duvet covers and improve sleeping comfort. Ideally, you should change and wash your bed linen every 7 to 10 days. To preserve the fiber structure for as long as possible, it is advisable to opt for a gentle program.

By the way: bed linen made from longer fibers is generally characterized by greater comfort and durability.

Better Quality Bedding, Better Sleep

In everyday life, factors such as thread count and the processing of bed linen are rather unimportant. In fact, however, they can decide about the feeling of well-being in bed and thus the quality and health of sleep. Buying high-quality bed linen is an investment in your own quality of life because better sleep also improves many other aspects of daily life – the ability to concentrate, the immune system, and mood.

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