Small Guide to Buying an Outdoor Hot Tub

An outdoor whirlpool for your own terrace or in the garden is a cinematic gimmick. Sure, you have to take a few steps to create a degree of privacy in an outdoor jacuzzi. But overall, the advantages of an outdoor whirlpool clearly outweigh the benefits. Not to mention the luxury of a private spa to switch off, relax in summer and winter, and even strengthen the immune system.

Reasons for An Outdoor Jacuzzi

Outdoor whirlpools are much easier to install than indoor jacuzzis and. Which may initially be contrary to initial intuition. Also much easier to maintain. Because high-quality whirlpools for outdoor use are designed to withstand the weather. Durable cladding withstands wind and rain. Heavy PVC or vinyl covers protect the tub and nozzles.

A flat foundation and the necessary power supply are also required to construct an outdoor whirlpool. Still, installing an outdoor whirlpool is faster, easier, and often cheaper than an indoor one. A fence element may need to be removed temporarily to allow the tub to reach its destination. Nevertheless, the effort is significantly less than if you had to tear down or move walls in the house.

Also, there is sufficient ventilation in the outdoor area of the garden at all times. The hot water from the hot tub evaporates and increases the humidity. In the interior, this means that the room has to be equipped with appropriately resistant materials and, if necessary, additional windows and a ventilation system. Outside, the excess moisture is simply carried away by the wind. Does not affect the veranda’s building materials or the surrounding structures. The situation is similar to drainage. This works much less expensively outdoors.

Finally, the beauty of the surroundings in your own garden can never compete with that of a comparatively sterile and water-resistant room in the house or basement. In the outdoor whirlpool, you can not only relax but also enjoy the atmosphere in your own garden, the sunset, the singing of the birds, and the buzzing of the insects, as well as the very own scent of the different seasons all year round.

Buying Tips for The Outdoor Whirlpool

Before buying and choosing the pool model, it should be clear where the outdoor jacuzzi will be. The location should be correctly measured in advance and, if necessary, straightened and paved. If you cannot or do not want to create an area with tiled slabs or pebbles and also do not have a wooden terrace or veranda in the garden on which the outdoor whirlpool can find space, you can also use modular base plates that give the jacuzzi a firm hold, for example on the lawn, guarantee.

Acrylic And Rotary Casting Bathtubs

For permanently installed outdoor whirlpools, you can choose between acrylic and rotationally cast tubs. Acrylic is smooth, modern, and durable. It can be brought into even the most complex shapes, ensuring a particularly high comfort level in the jacuzzi. These whirlpool tubs can be framed in both synthetic and wood paneling. With the cast variants, the cladding and tub usually consist of a complete piece. This makes them particularly solid, durable and requires little maintenance.

Number of Seats

The number of seats naturally determines the dimensions of the outdoor whirlpool. If you have frequent visitors and like to share your little feel-good place in the open air with others, you should plan more space accordingly. After all, you don’t want your guests to have to take turns enjoying a bubbling hot water bath. If you have less space available or only want to use the outdoor jacuzzi in an intimate setting, you should opt for a smaller model. One or two more seats can also provide more comfort, which should not be underestimated.

Massage Jet Selection

A higher number of jets does not automatically mean a better massage. On the contrary, too many nozzles can even weaken the effect because the pump’s pressure will be distributed to too many nozzles, reducing the water flow to each one. To compensate for this, more powerful and therefore more energy-consuming motors would have to be installed. So you shouldn’t fall for particularly extravagant massage packs or pretentiously many massage jets.

Last but not least, when buying an outdoor whirlpool, you should choose models with an integrated heating system and ideally with water treatment based on UV technology:

  • Jacuzzis with heat pumps are sometimes offered more cheaply but are significantly less energy efficient.
  • Water treatment with UV light damages bacteria’s DNA does not multiply. But they have no negative effect on humans. Conventional ozone generators for sterilizing hot tub water also reduce the consumption of chemicals for cleaning. However, they also lose their effectiveness over time and damage gaskets, seals, and pool covers.

So anyone interested in an outdoor jacuzzi “just” has to find the right model for themselves.

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