Sofa Style Guide: Finding the Right Couch

The sofa is one of the most important and largest pieces of furniture that you buy. After all, everything else in the living room revolves around the couch in the room. Even if you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the range of designs, shapes, and customization options. This little guide should make it easier to find the right couch – without regretting the purchase later.

The Golden Rule for Buying a Sofa

When looking for a couch, the most important thing – long before the measurements and the choice of color, shape, and material – is to ignore trends. Especially when it comes to color and design, you shouldn’t be seduced by current trends. Trends have a relatively short half-life, which often falls short of the warranty period for the life of a sofa.

The Advantages of Corner Sofas

A corner sofa is characterized by high functionality. It can be used for sleeping and is more sociable than a sofa. Also, it can be placed so that there is sufficient freedom of movement in the rest of the room. At the same time, nothing speaks against using a large corner sofa prominently as a room divider. It doesn’t necessarily have to be moved up against the wall. Corner sofas can be perfectly personalized to suit the size of the room and the number of occupants.

Multi-Seater Couches: The 2-, 3- and 4-Seater

Two, three, or four-seater sofas can be purchased as a set or as individual, free-standing sofas. This makes it expandable at any time after moving to larger apartments. But it is also clear that they are less sociable when you have guests because they are usually set up at a certain distance from one another. The size of the room is decisive here. If crowded too closely, a set of several multi-seater units quickly makes the living room look small and cramped.

Sofas with Reclaims

Nothing invites you to linger as much as sofas with chaise longues. At the same time, they give the room an elegant touch. Such sofas come into their own when they stand individually. So you need a living room of the appropriate size to do justice to the style of a sofa with a chaise longue. Such lounge furniture is made for a more formal furnishing style with a classic ambiance.

Living Landscapes

Living landscapes have become classics among sofas. Usually, these are corner couches, which are particularly characterized by an above-average seat depth. However, this also means that residential landscapes are only suitable to a limited extent for small rooms and apartments. They need more space, making small living rooms look crowded if the couch takes up too much space. However, they are the epitome of coziness and comfort and are among the most flexible and customizable living room furniture excellence.

Flexibility Guarantee Modular Sofa

If you move frequently or often redesign your apartment, it is best to use modular sofas. These consist of individual components that can be expanded or reduced at any time by adding a seat. Modular couches offer maximum flexibility when needs, living conditions, and wishes change. Because many modules are free-standing, such sofas can be perfectly adapted to the room or the occasion. At the same time, however, there may be a loss of comfort because the individual modules can move freely, and relaxed “lounging on the couch” may not be enough.

On the Functionality of Sofa Beds

Whether as an alternative to the bed or a place to stay for guests: sofa beds are always a good idea. They are characterized by a high level of comfort and flexible functionality. They are available as two- or multi-seater couches and corner sofas and hidden in living spaces. Anyone who frequently has guests or only has limited living space can solve two problems in one go with a sofa bed: seating during the day and a place to sleep at night.

Find the Right Sofa

The sofa must fit the individual needs. Many models are available in combination – such as a living area with a sleeping function or a modular sofa with Récamière elements. It is important that the room size, sofa dimensions, and personal living conditions (children, pets, 1-room student apartment) match.

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