Custom-Fit Privacy Screens: Made-To-Measure Blinds

Blinds have significant advantages over many curtains. For example, the slats can be adjusted at any time to suit the position of the sun and the incidence of daylight. Curtains and drapes can also be closed. But even the thinnest fabrics hold back a lot of light from outside. The individual slats on blinds make adjusting this natural brightness level easier and creating the desired atmosphere.

If you want to buy new blinds for your home, you first have two options: Buying standardized blinds from the furniture store or hardware store. Or the custom-made variant. The commercial models have the advantage that they only have to be bought, unpacked, and attached. The custom-made blinds have the advantage that they can be precisely adapted to all window sizes, individual wishes, and needs.

Reasons for Custom-Made Blinds

Having a choice is always important. Even when it comes to embellishing the room atmosphere and functionality at home. Your own style, individual needs, and, yes, also the individual rooms are always unique. Just think of non-standardized windows and room sections, for example, in old buildings or half-timbered buildings. So it makes sense to design the windows to measure with panels and blinds.

Fortunately, there is a large selection of different, functional, and aesthetically pleasing blinds. Custom-made products also have the advantage of being customized in terms of size, height, width, slat profile, accuracy of fit, choice of material, and color. Depending on the situation, custom-made blinds can not only filter daylight and protect privacy, but they can also even help regulate the room temperature.

Whether you like it more traditional or more modern: with individually made blinds, you can create the design and ambiance the way you want without fuss.

Optimal Fit and Dimensions

In new buildings, the sizes of windows are usually standardized in the meantime. However, there are exceptions, such as triangular windows or the already mentioned old buildings built when standard windows do not exist. It is a real challenge to find exactly the right blinds or roller blinds in stores in such cases. For custom-made blinds, the dimensions of the windows are measured so that the screens fit exactly. And the accuracy of fit not only ensures that the entire pane is covered and that opening and closing work without any problems but can even improve the energy efficiency of a house or apartment.

Different Materials

Having complete freedom of choice regarding materials and colors for blinds is a luxury that only custom-made models can offer. You don’t have to compromise with room design because you can choose the color and slat material to match the general interior design style, the furniture, and the prevailing color palettes. Also, higher quality materials are usually used for individual production than for mass production. This underlines the uniqueness of the production.

Simultaneously, thanks to the individual choice of materials, each room can be understood with suitable blinds. In the bedroom, for example, you usually want as little light as possible and cooler temperatures. Depending on the orientation, you need more options to regulate light in the living room or the home office. Instead of laboriously individually selected blinds in the trade, which perhaps do not match each other or the window width, custom-made blinds can be configured in advance – depending on the room, design requirements, and dimensions.

Higher Quality

In the manufacture of perfectly fitting blinds, higher production standards are set than with commercially available ones. This makes them more durable. This means that the higher purchase price pays off in the long term. Because you don’t have to replace it as often as standard blinds from retailers.

Made-to-measure blinds offer many advantages overall. The individual budget can also be considered, just like the blinds’ purpose and their main functionality. All such considerations naturally flow into the final choice but can only be considered to a limited extent or not at all for standard blinds and roller blinds. With made-to-measure blinds, you have control over how they will look and work as a result. And that is a plus point that should not be underestimated.

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