The 5 Most Important Interior Design Trends for 2021

Natural and natural elements, maritime colors, and sustainable furniture. Metal accessories, structural wall design, and a touch of luxurious maximalism. Living trends come and go. And maybe the facility has been of secondary importance to many. But since we no longer only spend parts of our lives at home, but almost all day due to the pandemic, the desire for an institution in which one feels completely comfortable in every situation has increased with most of them. You have come to the right place if you are looking for inspiration to redesign your four walls from the study to the kitchen.

Granny Chic Is on The Rise

Interior experts believe that the furnishing style known as grand millennial or granny chic will gain popularity in 2021. This style is a modern revival of homely design elements familiar to grandparents. A facility in this style should feel like coziness, nostalgia, and tradition. This facility is dominated by floral wallpapers, antique paintings, fine porcelain, crocheted bedspreads, and home textiles, and one or two quirky accessories.

Industrial Could Be a Popular Trend

A mix of rustic wooden elements and metal could be one of the more frequently seen furnishing styles in 2021. Industrial-style interior design plays a lot with raw elements such as exposed stone walls, high ceilings, wood and metal, and neutral colors. Overall, there is a very reduced furnishing style that impresses with its simplicity. Industrial design mixes modern and traditional design elements. A combination that is particularly suitable for rooms in which people live and work. And this style also leaves enough, well, leeway for playing.

Willow and Rattan for Furnishing and Decorating

Furniture and decorative elements in a natural look are coming back: Experts consider woven furniture made of natural materials to be a pretty safe furnishing trend for 2021. Rattan furniture made of woven palm fibers and woven baskets made of willow branches ensure warmth and lightness in the interior design at home. That is why these elements work both indoors and outdoors. And they harmonize perfectly with another furnishing trend in 2021.

Natural Fibers vs. Synthetic Fabrics

Sustainability is also an important point in home furnishings in 2021. According to forecasts, synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and rayon will be replaced by natural and recycled materials in home textiles, upholstered furniture, and carpets. The reason for this is the growing awareness of ecological problems. Textiles made from sustainably grown cotton and linen or recycled synthetics are considered top candidates for the home trends 2021 – and they can be draped excellently on rattan furniture and between elements made of willow.

Individualization – a Meta-Trend Among Furnishing Trends

Strangely, individualization is considered to be the most important furnishing trend in 2021. The idea is to just ignore every trend and design your apartment in the way you personally feel most comfortable. Individual design, in which personal interests and tastes are reflected, instead of individualizing fixed frameworks that specify clearly defined furnishing styles. Given this meta-trend, designer furniture is increasingly coming into focus. But even if the resources are lacking to purchase individual pieces from small manufacturers directly from the designer, you can design your four walls very individually. Because more and more furniture chains are now offering products that you can design yourself, such as exchanging lamps or putting together furniture modules according to personal taste.

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