The Pantone Colors 2020: Marine Shades for Your Home

The Pantone trend colors for 2020 are “The Sea.” Inspired by the sea, solid blue tones, shimmering nuances, and the electrifying color palette of the underwater world move into your home. So it is hardly surprising that the official Pantone color of the year 2020 is also maritime: Discover the timeless, durable and noble “Classic Blue” with us!

Blue Accents for Your Four Walls

Spring and summer 2020 are colored in the sign of the sea. With “The Sea,” Pantone is giving its first trend forecast: The coming year will be blue!

Pantone: Trend Ambassadors and Color Specialists

They are the experts who track down color trends and create new nuances every year: The Pantone Color Institute from the USA. The company initially developed color cards for the fashion and cosmetics industries. In the meantime, companies from the printing and graphics industry use the color system as naturally as fashion.

Pantone not only sets new trends but also provides advice on all aspects of color. The specialists know precisely the psychology and effects of different shades of color. They are based on the zeitgeist, historical and cultural developments, and new trends. The color trend for the spring and summer 2020 season is called “The Sea” at Pantone.

Color Trend, “The Sea” – The Sea, Is Moving In

“Classic Blue”: Official Pantone Color of The Year 2020

What could be nicer than a classic blue? Soft, harmonious, and always elegant, “Classic Blue” reminds us of the depths of the sea or the expanse of the evening sky and exudes reliability and confidence. At the same time, the reflective shade of blue promotes a focused and transparent way of thinking and conveys optimism and joie de vivre.

“Lost at Sea”: Inspired by The Sound of The Sea

Walking by the sea is different every day: sometimes the sea is very calm, sometimes wild and turbulent. This state of the sea is reflected in the “Lost at Sea” color palette. The diverse blue, green and gray tones invite you to dive in and forget everyday life.

“Nutopia”: Cool Shades of Blue

A water landscape of turquoise tones and light menthol blue – that is “Nutopia.” The colors are reminiscent of an icy landscape, a calm sea, a fresh breeze. They ensure a clear head and orderly thoughts.

“Bioluminous”: Electrifying Colors of The Deep Sea

Deep-sea divers are fascinated by the sight of the glowing creatures that they encounter several hundred to thousand meters below the sea’s surface. “Bioluminous” takes up this unique living space – with an electrifying orange and the neon version of blue, pink, green, and yellow.

“Seaside”: Colorful Like a Coastal City

“Seaside” plays with solid colors such as green, yellow, blue, or red – and is reminiscent of a tiny, idyllic fishing village in the south. That brings a zest for life and serenity into your own four walls.

Shimmering Nuances: The Colors of The Seashells

The sunlight makes them sparkle, glitter, and shimmer in the sand: shells. Their delicate mother-of-pearl tones and light nuances make Pantone 2020 trend colors. They give your home a pleasantly subtle feminine touch.

Pantone 2020: Creative Ideas for Different Rooms

The Colors of The Sea in Your Living Room

With “Lost at Sea,” the beauty of the oceans moves into the heart of your home. The nuances of the Pantone color palette create a cozy atmosphere, more peace, and serenity. A wall in a shade of blue forms the basis for this; a sofa in soft green is the perfect complement. A blue rug on the wall and pillows in light green or gray tones reflect the mysterious sea in all its aspects. Self-collected shells and stones are reminiscent of the last beach holiday and take up the sea motif. As well as large plants, for example, a Monstera or Strelitzia, which resemble underwater plants. They give the room a natural look.

A Deep Sea World for The Bedroom

Targeted accents from the “Bioluminous” color palette conjure up pep in your bedroom. Bed linen in neon colors, bright decorative pillows, or neon letters on the wall brings the electrifying color world of the deep sea into your home. Orange or pink fluorescent tubes bathe your bedroom in a cozy light. A trendy lamp in green or yellow color is an exciting eye-catcher and resembles the glowing fish of the underwater world.

Southern Lifestyle in Your Kitchen

The colors of “Seaside” ensure a good mood in the morning. A wall in an intense color such as blue, yellow, or red exudes southern joie de vivre. Plates, cups, or bowls in the bright colors of an idyllic coastal town set cheerful accents. Decorative elements such as a fishing net on the wall peppered with postcards and souvenirs from vacation, small wooden boats, or seashells from the Adriatic round off the seaside look in your kitchen.

A Fresh and Feminine Look for The Bathroom

The “Nutopia” color palette and the shimmering nuances of the shell world are perfect for the bathroom. Tiles in menthol blue create a cool sea look, bathroom cabinets in sandy beige tones or shimmering white complete the room concept. A mirror with a frame in nude tones gives your bathroom a subtle feminine touch. Towels in turquoise or pink tones not only awaken wanderlust but also provide cozy color moments in your dream of the sea, aka bathroom.

Lightness and Freshness with The Pantone Trend Colors

No more wanderlust! With the Pantone trend colors 2020, you can quickly bring the holiday feeling, sea breeze, and the sound of waves into your own four walls. The blue and green tones conjure up lightness, freshness, and tranquility in your home—high time to escape everyday life, relax and enjoy.

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