The Perfect Bedroom for A Good Night’s Sleep

There are special conditions in the bedroom. Here you want to feel good, of course, but you also need as much storage space as possible and, last but not least, you want to sleep well and comfortably. So there are many factors to consider to furnish the bedroom so that you can find healthy sleep in an absolutely comfortable environment with an ideal indoor climate.

Tips for A More Atmosphere in The Bedroom

If the environment exudes calm, you will find better sleep than in an overcrowded room. When decorating the bedroom, you should therefore exercise caution and exercise restraint as much as possible. Comfortable pillows and bedspreads, appealing, preferably plain-colored curtains made of heavy fabric, so they do not flutter and are too dynamic, are a good start. Harmonious colors also have a calming effect.

Books, pictures, and collectibles, on the other hand, are a no-go in the bedroom. Ornamental wallpaper or wall design with motifs should be used relatively restrained? For example, should it be used on the wall behind the headboard of the bed? If the bedroom is tidy and orderly, the body and the head also come to rest more quickly. That’s why shelves and chests of drawers should not be cluttered, worn clothes should have their own compartment in the wardrobe, and laundry baskets are best placed behind wardrobe doors or curtains. Open coat racks cause unrest and create a disruptive factor where you should actually be relaxing.

Last but not least, the lighting in the bedroom is an essential factor that determines the mood in the room. A more relaxing ambiance can be created with warm light, and indirect lighting than white light and various LED spots. Because the bedroom is often also a dressing room, dimmers should be used when using bright light sources.

Tips for A Better Indoor Climate in The Bedroom

Proper ventilation is essential for healthy sleep in the bedroom, whether you prefer to sleep with the window open, tilted, or closed. Incidentally, an open window is no guarantee of the quality of sleep. It is much more important than the room temperature is right. Most people sleep best when the weather is between 15 ° C and 18 ° C. Those who tend to shiver can, of course, be a little warmer in the bedroom but should sleep at a maximum of 20 ° C for a particularly restful sleep.

The choice of materials for cupboards and beds also has a significant impact on the room climate. Ideally, these are made of solid wood, which can compensate for slight fluctuations in humidity thanks to its open-pored surface. Custom-made furnishings and furniture in the bedroom also help make it easier to create a harmonious color scheme and mood. The order is crucial for switching off, as niches, nooks, and crannies can also be used to accommodate storage space.

Indoor plants in the bedroom can also help ensure that the room climate is balanced and contribute indirectly to better sleep. It is essential to ensure that the plants also release oxygen at night. So not all types are suitable for standing in the bedroom. Aloe vera, bow hemp, single leaf, or jasmine are good alternatives.

Tips for The Right Mattress

After all, the following still applies to good quality sleep: as you go to bed, so you lie. That is why you should never save on the mattress. An optimal mattress should support the back wall to avoid a relieving posture while sleeping and stiffen any tense body parts. If you can find a bed tailored to your height and weight that gives more in the hip and shoulder area than in the spine, you’ve already done a lot right.

In the meantime, it is no longer a problem to find mattresses that have individual features for two people, as is the case with high-quality mattresses, without necessarily having to use two single mattresses as a couple and worry about the visitor crack. In this way, the quality of sleep and the cuddle factor can be improved simultaneously. But the slatted frame should also be chosen wisely. So that its degree of hardness can be individually adjusted to the level of the different body zones. And last but not least, the right pillow and comforter are the crowning glory for a restful sleep in an optimal room atmosphere.

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