The Right Front Door: 5 Important Factors

Front doors are much more than just another element that gives a house character. They have to withstand wind, rain, the sun, and of course, possible intruders. But of course, every proud homeowner also wants a front door that looks representative and makes a good first impression. Not all front doors meet this multitude of requirements: Many older models are made of wood and have suffered from exposure to the elements over the years. But metal doors don’t last forever either. Paintwork can peel off, and the exposed material rust.

Whether this description applies to an existing front door or you simply want to replace an opaque front door with a model that allows more daylight: the market offers many options. Modern wooden doors withstand the weather better than earlier models. And some made of metal or fiberglass can even look like wooden doors, while they are characterized by better security properties and are often more cost-effective.

How Much Does a Front Door Cost?

There is no general answer to this question, as the cost of a house door depends on size, material, manufacturer, design, and other factors. Front doors are sold for a minimum of $ 475 to a maximum of $ 6,000. To create a sustainable range, one can easily find a front door from The Home Depot characterized by particular energy efficiency.

How Do You Build a Front Door?

The installation of a front door can require more or less effort and manual skill. If you install a front door in a new building, you need significantly more specialist knowledge because the frame has to be designed than if you just replace the door leaf. In that case, the door can easily be replaced. However, one must pay attention to which side the door lock is attached and the direction the front door opens to buy the correct model.

Which Front Door Is the Best?

That depends on what demands you have on a front door. Most house doors are made of composite materials, where fiberglass door leaves are hung in wooden frames. But of course, the surface material of an entrance door influences its aesthetics, durability, security properties – and last but not least, the price.

The strength of wooden doors is their versatility and the beauty of the natural material. If you have a high need for security and are looking for a model that is as resistant as possible, you should look for a metal front door. House doors made of plastics or fiberglass are solid and very easy to care for. In addition, they are also compatible with small budgets and can also imitate real wood optically.

However, the characteristics of various material advantages also vary according to the circumstances. If the front door is covered with a canopy, not so much direct rainwater or snow can reach the door. A painted front door made of real wood, for example, lasts correspondingly longer. Depending on how reinforced the front door lock is, a plastic door can also offer a lot of security, and it does not necessarily need steel construction.

5 Factors to Consider when Looking for A Front Door:

  • One aspect is definitely the design. A front door can make a house look inviting or like a fortress.
  • Size should also be considered. Anyone building age-appropriate, for example, might want a wider front door to be prepared for the eventuality of having to go through with a wheelchair at some point.
  • A third aspect is, of course, security. Nobody wants to encourage unwanted visitors. This applies to vermin as well as to burglars. A good front door should therefore be as tight as it should reliably close.
  • Another consideration is the climatic environment. The right front door should be energy-efficient, but the material should also cope with unpredictable weather conditions.
  • The last and most important aspect to consider when considering a new front door is: Who will do the installation? Are you well-versed yourself, or should you turn to a professional? When in doubt, it is better to rely on an expert when installing a front door.
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