Decorate Fall * Stunning Ideas and Trends

Fall is a wonderful time of year. When it gets cooler outside, we move closer together again inside – the cozy months await us. Now it’s time for cozy fall decorations in the house and garden. Decorating your own living space in fall is not only fun, but it also looks great. The trend in 2015 is clearly towards self-made fall decorations. The motto is: “Bring the forest home.”

Decorate Fall – When?

As long as we sit by the lake, on the beach, or having a barbecue in the park, enjoying the sun and the warmth of summer, we hardly think that it could soon be cooler and grayer again. Many prefer to hold onto the bright summer with the blue sky and the long days for a little longer instead of adjusting to the sweater time approaching. They overlook the fact that fall is also a wonderful and unique season with a lot to offer. Instead of holding summer, we should greet fall in a friendly manner, also as a fall decoration in your own four walls. This is favorable from October because nature now has everything necessary for great fall decoration.

What Are Typical Fall Decorations?

Typical fall decoration ideas have a fantastic advantage – they are multi-sensory. This means that fall can be perceived with all of the senses, including in the decoration sector. To decorate in fall means to bring the smells and aromas of the forest into your home walls. Mosses, mushrooms, and woods all smell like fall, which is an important part of the right decoration. Light and colors also play a decisive role: warm red and brown tones, plus earthy colors such as ocher, spike gold, and clay. Darker shades of green also play a role in this series.

Cozy lights that, like luminous dots, only focus on certain areas of the living room and create an autumnal, mysterious atmosphere can be appropriately staged with small and large candles. The following applies to the use of materials: nature is the best source. Almost every material can be found and used in the garden, on the meadow, or in the forest. Woods, colorful leaves to dry, chestnuts, decorative pumpkins, aromatic mushrooms, grasses, and mosses? The list can go on indefinitely. Fall is extremely productive for decorations in the house.

What Kind of Fall Decorations Are There for Inside?

There are almost no limits to creativity in the fall. Starting with a fall wreath to greet you at the door, to the fall table decorations on the dining table, to chic candle arrangements with woods from the garden, everything is allowed. But that’s not enough. Picture frames can also be designed to be autumnal. Dried chestnut leaves in shimmering orange and strong red tones create a wonderful contrast on white walls. Flower arrangements in a fall look also look good on sideboards or the windowsill.

Make Trendy Fall Decorations Yourself?

The trend in fall decorating is clearly towards self-made ones. Off-the-peg decoration has long been a horror for many. Individuality in the four walls is playing an increasingly important role. And if the little fall decoration ideas are made by yourself, the emotional value increases. So why not put the great pictures from your last forest excursion in the appropriate frame? For example, simple picture frames in neutral or fall colors are available from online stores, and these can then be further processed as desired. With a hot glue gun, small, cleaned branches can be glued around the frame. Dried rose hips, and cleaned nutshells, as well as dry fall blossoms, also find their place on the frame. This makes it very easy to create artwork that matches the season and creates a magical fall ambiance.

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