Tips for A Creative Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning. Everyone does it. But nobody likes it. However, in times of virus-related quarantine, it is a good way to finally get everything done that otherwise remains to lie around. Besides, it distracts and creates air, space, and motivation to implement one or the other spring-like design and furnishing ideas.

The Refrigerator Deserves a Deep Clean

Regularly wiping the shelves in the refrigerator is probably part of the cleaning routine anyway. However, the refrigerator door’s inserts and vegetable drawers also deserve some spring cleaning attention. Warm water and an antibacterial cleaning agent ensure that the refrigerator is hygienic and clean. And after cleaning, a little organization of the inside of the refrigerator can’t do any harm:

  • The food should be sorted into clear storage boxes.
  • Uniformly colored can lids and labels provide an overview and look stylish.
  • Labels also on the drawers, shelves, and door compartments are not only chic, but they also help to maintain the new order in the long term – and, if desired, also bring color to the inside of the refrigerator.

Shower Curtains Fresh as Spring

Yes, shower curtains made of PVC or plastic can be washed in the washing machine. It is important to choose a gentle program and low temperatures. A few bath towels in the drum make cleaning shower curtains really effective. To keep the shower curtain clean and tidy for longer, you can spray it once or twice a month with a chlorine-based all-purpose cleaner – don’t forget to rinse off before taking a shower!

Sort the Book, Record, and Cd Shelves in A New and Decorative Way

One aspect that loosens up the spring cleaning a little: rearranging the bookshelf. (This tip can also be applied to music collections.) Just take a few minutes and reorganize the illustrated books, sleep-reading books, and favorite novels: alphabet, genre, size, or – as a creative outlet – by color. The latter, in particular, gives a room a fresh atmosphere and makes the bookshelf (or CD shelf or record shelf) a decorative design element.

The home design experts’ colleagues give further tips for a fresh spring breeze in your own four walls.

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