Urban Jungle Interior: The Jungle Feeling in Your Apartment

Urban Jungle brings a piece of wilderness into your home: indoor plants, wallpapers with floral motifs, and furniture made from natural materials create a tropical feeling. By the way, all the green ensures that you feel relaxed and balanced.

Back to Nature

Hiking in the mountains, a walk by the river, or swimming in the forest – many people consciously spend their free time outside in nature. They intuitively feel that they can relax particularly well there: as a counterbalance to the stressful everyday life. It is scientifically proven that plants are good for your health. The stress hormone cortisol decreases in your body even with a short walk in the forest; simultaneously, your brain releases mood-enhancing hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. The result: you relax, calm down, and your mood rises.

You may not be able to plant an entire forest in your home – but with Urban Jungle, you can rely on naturalness and bring a bit of wilderness into your home. Living green goes from indoor plants to decoration and wooden furniture to the right scent. You decide how much jungle you need to feel balanced – and where the chaos starts for you.

The Basics: Furniture for Your Urban Jungle

Furniture made of light or dark wood and decorating in white or gray harmonizes particularly well with the lively green of the plants. Precise shapes, simple designs, and restrained colors bring calm to your forest of leaves. A dining table made of solid wood, for example, is an eye-catcher in front of patterned wallpaper with large leaves – and gives you the feeling of dining in the middle of the jungle. Materials like raffia, rattan, or linen are natural and go perfectly with this style. But also a side table in industrial style with a frame made of blackened metal and a glass top, a showcase in a retro look, or a black leather sofa is in good hands between green plants and jungle motifs. If wall colors, home textiles, and other decorating are chosen more cautiously, an armchair or sofa in jungle green, for example, becomes a great eye-catcher.

The great advantage of Urban Jungle: The living trend can be combined with many other decorating styles. Whether it is a Scandi look, colonial-style, or industrial design – Urban Jungle is the perfect match for a more minimalist interior. The simple furniture creates a successful contrast to the green tones of the plants and patterned wallpaper and exotic motifs such as flamingos or cacti. Above all, do you own playful furniture with flourishes and decorations – but still want to bring exotic motifs, plants, and a jungle feeling into your home? Subtle and restrained tones from one color family have a balancing effect on the eye.

Wall Decoration in The Jungle Look

Living Decoration: A Wall Garden

A few individual houseplants are not enough for you? Then a walled garden is just suitable for you. You create a vertical bed that consists of three layers: an insulating layer protects the wall from moisture, a metal grid holds the plants that form the top layer. Ferns, climbing figs, green lily, moss, and succulents are particularly suitable for this type of planting.

Inspired by Nature: Pattern and Photo Wallpapers

Large leaves, colorful flowers, and tiny parrots in between – conjure up a tropical feeling on your walls with photo or pattern wallpapers. Photo wallpaper with an exotic jungle motif next to your bed will wake you up in the Brazilian jungle every morning. Subtle colors such as green or natural tones on the other walls create a harmonious overall picture.

Framed Plants

Be inspired by a walk in the forest. Which leaves, grasses and flowers do you particularly like? Dried and glued to a white sheet of paper, the souvenirs in a simple black, gray, or gold frame make an excellent decoration on a light-painted wall. Do you prefer exotic plants? Prints of cacti, ferns, or monstera leaves create an urban jungle look on your walls.

The frames look casual when they create a geometric shape as an overall picture – for example, a triangle or a circle. The framed plants form a neat and chic eye-catcher between lots of furniture, expansive plants, and colorful accessories when they are hung along an imaginary line: descending from top to bottom like a staircase or in two rows at the same distance next to and one above the other.

Wild or Noble: Accessories in The Urban Jungle Style

Lovingly selected home accessories continue the jungle theme and provide splashes of color. Pink flamingos on china, towels, or curtains are just as indispensable as luminous pillows in yellow, orange, or red tones. These colors are reminiscent of exotic flowers, harmonize with the green of your flora and match the natural materials in your interior. At the same time, you make your jungle appear wild, happy, and varied.

Small wooden figures such as tigers, monkeys, or elephants, large lanterns made of raffia or bamboo, and decorative elements in gold and brass tones bring style and elegance into your jungle. In this way, you consciously set noble accents between rampant green and spice up discreet pieces of furniture.

Must-Have: Houseplants

Casual, stylish, or elegant – hanging plants transform every room into a real urban jungle. The plants look just as good on shelves as in pots hanging from the ceiling. If you attach these with ribbons of different lengths, you have the feeling of walking under lianas. Green indoor plants not only create a jungle feeling but also increase the humidity in your four walls. Green, green, green – and colorful flowers in between: How do you imagine your perfect urban jungle? A mix of plants with large green leaves, hanging plants, and flowering houseplants give your home a tropical feel. Do you love plants – but don’t have a green thumb? The particularly easy-care indoor plants include, for example, yucca, yellow tree, and monstera. They are not very demanding and will give you pleasure for a long time.

From Work to Living Room: Greenery for Every Room

Are you still undecided which room you would like to decorate first in the urban jungle style? Get inspiration from your new green roommates. Chrysanthemums want to keep you company when you work in the home office. While you are typing with concentration, the plant filters pollutants from the air produced by printers, copiers, or adhesives. The robust piston thread also lets you breathe deeply and free of harmful substances. It originally comes from the tropics and is therefore exceptionally comfortable in your bathroom. Older chipboard, which is often used in kitchens, still emit toxic gases for years. The Efeutute helps against this. A ficus in the bedroom produces additional oxygen and ensures that you sleep relaxed. The Mexican mountain palm attracts everyone’s attention in your living room and spreads a tropical flair. But it can do a lot more than look good: It also removes carbon monoxide from the air, for example.

In Jungle Fever: Your Very Own Urban Jungle

Arrangements made from natural plants, furniture, and home accessories made from natural materials make your urban jungle look exciting and individual. How about, for example, a large yucca palm next to a wicker chair with a bright yellow linen cushion on it? Your imagination is the limit. If you’ve got jungle fever, go one better: jungle noises in the background and the right room scent round off your urban jungle feeling. Turn the whole apartment into a wilderness? D rather not! As beautiful as nature is – if it spreads too much, it gets chaotic.

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