Useful Kitchen Gadgets that Not Everyone Has

The kitchen has long been more than a functional space – multifunctional cooking islands in unusual designs inspire interior fans and hobby cooks alike. And there are more unusual things between standardized fitted kitchens and custom-made products. Not everyone has these cool kitchen gadgets!

Freezy Boy – Cool Trash Can

Probably the most futuristic way to recycle kitchen waste right now: the Freezy Boy. Behind the catchy name are three Swiss people who have developed a compost bin that cools leftover fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables to -5 ° Celsius. This means that unpleasant smells, bacteria, mold, fruit flies, and pests have no chance.

Your kitchen compost has never been more hygienic. In addition, the trash can is space-saving, low-noise, and, thanks to its simple design, fits into any furnishing style. Anyone who cooks fresh every day or who notoriously avoids going to the compost will not want to do without these fancy kitchen gadgets.

A Different Kind of Herb Garden

Vertical farming has become an indispensable part of future technology. With the Agrilution grow cabinet, the new way of “gardening” comes into your home. Leaf lettuce, rocket, basil, and cress, but also culinary rarities such as red pak choi grow on different levels in the “Plantcube.”. The plants are supplied with water and all necessary nutrients via the seed mats. Lighting, watering, and temperature are precisely adjusted to the needs of the seeds.

Under these optimal conditions, the salads and herbs develop their full nutritional content and taste. Nothing stands in the way of the daily fresh harvest, and worms, snails, and birds can no longer get in front of you. This fully automatic herb garden is a useful kitchen aid that not everyone is guaranteed to have.

For Gourmets

For wine lovers and everyone who wants to become one: The wine cabinet takes care of the temperature control, maturation, and storage of your fine wines – and you don’t even need a cellar for that. The stylish wine cabinet fits into your kitchen fronts like a refrigerator or oven. In this way, your favorite wines are protected from harmful environmental influences such as heat, dry air, and kitchen lighting and retain their fine taste. An original kitchen helper that will delight your guests at the next holiday dinner or wine tasting.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets that Not Everyone Has Furniture

The Faucet of The Future

Kitchen faucets don’t seem like the most exciting kitchen gadgets; first, the technological faucets are quite the opposite: the water runs from the tap on command, either bubbly cooled or boiling hot. The design of the useful kitchen helper is an eye-catcher: chic, curved shape and chrome-plated, glossy, or matt black. The elaborate technology is hidden under the work surface. The tap fits seamlessly into your kitchen sink.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets that Not Everyone Has Furniture

The New Kind of Storage Space

A clothes horse, vacuum cleaner, iron, sewing machine – all of these are important household appliances. But most of them lack aesthetics. Where to put it? Not everyone has a basement, and the way there prevents vacuuming more often than is good.

The utility room stylishly hides all electrical appliances and household helpers that otherwise stand in the way or lean against the wall and impair the spatial concept of the designer kitchen. Docked to the kitchen or as a narrow line for small rooms, the original kitchen helper adapts to your apartment and your individual needs and ensures more order in the kitchen.

The Filter Technology of Tomorrow

The following kitchen gadget does not create more storage space, but some kitchen mixer also deserves a place in this list. The sophisticated filter technology removes microplastics, rust, odors, drug residues, pesticides, hormones, bacteria, and much more from the tap water.

And with its subtle design, it is an absolutely stylish and cool kitchen helper. This will protect you and your family and ensure more child safety when cooking and eating.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets that Not Everyone Has Furniture

High Tech Against Bad Air

The retractable extractor hood has a special air circulation technology that prevents smoke from escaping. The moisture that arises during cooking is immediately transported away by the high flow speed of the fan.

This prevents deposits and stains from forming on the furniture or walls. The design is simple and modern; an integrated lighting concept ensures pleasant lighting.

Smart Home for The Kitchen

A smooth evening of cooking, in which every move is perfect, the oven preheats in good time, and the pasta is cooked al dente to the minute? With Siemens Home Connect kitchen appliances, you can make this dream come true and impress your guests with a meal in which you have all the processes in the kitchen under control. The extractor hood, hobs, oven, and dishwasher connect to your WiFi, and you can easily control them from your smartphone or tablet. This turns all electrical appliances in your kitchen into useful kitchen gadgets that not everyone has.

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