Using Niches: How To Decorate Empty Corners

In large rooms, they look uncomfortable; in small apartments, they take up space – so that your unused niches do not become eternal empty spaces; we have the right inspiration: How to decorate empty corners and transform them into your favorite places.

Decorate Empty Corners

When it comes to interior design, corners are often neglected. The bare corners can easily be turned into real eye-catchers.

Decorate the Side Table

Ideal for the corner next to the sofa or armchair, the niche between the wardrobe and the wall or a small hallway is a decorated side table. There is a suitable design for every style. Do you like a filigree model with a metal frame? Or do you prefer the retro-look kidney-shaped table? Both offer space for magazines and the beloved teapot in the living room.

In the bedroom, you can create a cozy atmosphere with tealights, or you can enjoy your favorite flowers in an elegant vase every morning after waking up. Your favorite plant can be placed on the side table, or you can use it as a shelf for the book you are reading.

Green Corners with Plants

Flowers and plants bring life to the room. Decorate your empty corners with large potted plants. Or you can spice up a side table with several small flower pots. When placed in groups of three or five, they look particularly stylish. Pay attention to the lighting conditions in the respective corner! If there is no daylight there, you should use plants that need the little sun or artificial flowers.

Design Walls

It’s not just furniture and plants that beautify your corners—design niches with a fancy wallpaper in a jungle look or an elegant pattern. A painting by your favorite artist, a framed poster, or a photo wall full of personal memories is also great decoration ideas for corners that otherwise get little attention. A large mirror makes small rooms appear larger and fills unused corners in the hallway or bedroom.

Use Niches as Storage Space

Use dead corners and empty niches as storage space. You cut individual shelves to fit and attach them according to your needs. The protrusion of the wall by the fireplace and the corner between the cupboard and the sloping ceiling has already been transformed into a book or shoe rack.

In addition, shelf styling is absolutely trendy: with a few simple steps, you can create a design highlight from your empty corner.

There is also space for a small chest of drawers or a narrow cupboard in unused corners. Measure the height, width, and length exactly beforehand! Towels or clothes that would otherwise collect dust on the floor hang on a stylish wooden ladder in the bathroom and bedroom.

Your Personal Relaxation Zone

A place just to read, listen to music, or daydream? Empty corners are the ideal place for this. A short corner bench, a comfortable wing chair, or simply a couple of large cushions draped on the floor, and your personal relaxation zone is ready. A small table offers space for biscuits and a cup of tea while the next crime thriller or romance novel is devoured. Prepare a blanket for the cold months and put lighting in the reading corner.

Set up Creative Corners

Few of them have space in the apartment for a sewing or music room. But for most hobbies, a free corner is enough to really let off steam. Therefore, it is good to set up a creative corner to embellish a niche in the living room or bedroom and use it sensibly.

The basic building blocks are a narrow table with a comfortable chair or stool, a desk lamp, and a small shelf or other storage options.

Nice boxes or roll containers offer enough storage space for writing, drawing, and sewing utensils. Who doesn’t have a tingling sensation to pick up the diary again or make sketches for the next project?

Design the Beauty Corner

Setting up a make-up corner is particularly useful for empty corners in the bedroom. A secretary or a chest of drawers can be converted quickly and already contain some storage space. A stool takes up less space than a chair or armchair. Organize your lipsticks, eyeliners, and brushes in decorative boxes and beautiful glasses. The most important thing is a large mirror with a lamp that does not cast shadows and does not dazzle.

Morning Routine in The Coffee Corner

Ready for a new morning routine? You can easily transform a niche into a coffee corner with a coffee machine, cups, and powdered coffee in the kitchen.

Tea drinkers place kettles and tea caddies there. A high table with a small wall shelf is suitable for tiny corners. A chest of drawers takes up more space but offers space for cups, spoons, and sugar. You can store newspapers and magazines in a holder on the wall.

Do you have a little more space? Then design your barista corner with a small table and chair, just like in a French café.

Using Dead Corners: The Lighting

Empty corners can be decorated in very different ways. No matter which ideas you choose, pay attention to the lighting conditions! Depending on whether the corner is near the window or when it is used, you will need additional light sources.

Floor lamps and low-hanging pendant lights are suitable for almost all corners. You can also put your decoration in the limelight and turn every blind spot into an absolute eye-catcher with fairy lights, LED strips, or individual spotlights.

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