Wall Decoration that Welcomes You

Have you just moved into a new home? Do the walls still shine in pure white? Then they literally scream to be hung, pasted, and decorated. It is like the artist who stands in front of his white canvas and starts the first brushstroke. Be an artist, too, and let your creativity run free. With colorful and decorative pictures, wall tattoos, and wall decorations, you can give your four walls a personal touch and give a room a completely new atmosphere. There are no limits to your ideas. Let butterflies flutter along your walls or bring the charm of a cozy mountain hut into your home with suitable photo wallpaper. Need more inspiration? Absolutely, because your possibilities to give your four walls a new look with the help of wall decorations are almost endless.

Wall Decoration for Every Room

Wall Decoration

With the right wall decoration, you can underline all living spaces thematically as you wish. Let’s take a look at the kitchen or dining room! You can create your own little café with an artistically designed coffee cup made of wooden panels that show all possible types of coffee, from cappuccino to macchiato. Ideal for all morning grouches: keep your kitchen in a good mood! To do this, stick decorative stickers with motivating sayings and wisdom on a free area. This is how the day can begin!

Wall Decal

Shaken or stirred? Transform your kitchen or part of your dining room into a stylish home bar. Prove that you are a born bartender and mix your own drinks! We have an unusual idea for this: Stick a wall sticker on a wall with a delicious cocktail recipe printed on it larger than life-size. Ideally, where all the utensils a real bartender needs are set up. So you always have the list of ingredients right in front of your eyes and at the same time create a creative eye-catcher with this simple wall decoration.


With the right picture, your bedroom can also be transformed into an oasis of calm. There you can relax wonderfully. Motifs that were taken directly from nature are particularly suitable for this. With an oil painting that depicts a colorful meadow of flowers or sprouting poppy plants, you can bring a rural flair to your bedroom. The element water has a particularly calming effect on us humans. Hang pictures made of glass or canvas over your bed, which give your bedroom a fresh touch with high-quality photographs of beaches or waterfalls and, in combination with the right decoration, get you in the mood for bedtime gently and evenly.

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