Wall Design Ideas: How To Turn Your Walls Into a Stage

Wallpaper, decorative plants, or give the four walls of your apartment. Send the finishing touch. Creative wall design ensures a harmonious overall picture – and the occasional bold statement.

Change of Scenery: Gluing a New Room

No way old-fashioned, wallpapers are celebrating their comeback: in a wide variety of colors, patterns, motifs, and surfaces, they are the trend for modern wall design. The selection is vast and makes the hearts of interior fans beat faster.

Perfect Harmony with Wallpaper

Classic woodchip wallpapers, single-colored non-woven wallpapers, or wallpapers with an embossed look create a harmonious background in every room. A delicate floral pattern gives your vintage look additional chic. If the style is more minimalistic, subtle colors or wallpapers in wood and stone optics are suitable. These ensure that your favorite furniture comes into its own.

Wallpaper Statements

If your decorating style is nobler, you can transform your walls into a modern eye-catcher with wallpaper in a marble look. Because wallpapers can do that too: make a statement. Silk wallpapers are suitable for even more luxury. These transform your living room or bedroom into an oasis of well-being.

Natural wallpapers make for a grand entrance. The surface is made of grass, sisal, or bamboo. With these wallpapers, you can give an Asian room an exotic flair. You can also use them discreetly for the natural look; it can be more for all urban jungle fans.

If the natural wallpapers are too expensive for you, you will also find exciting jungle prints. Wallpapers with beach and sea motifs provide the correct dose of holiday feeling. Perhaps your wall design in the bedroom will soon wake you up in the Caribbean.

Picture Wall: Big Appearance for Photos and Art

Probably everyone has pictures in their apartment. Arranged correctly and with the right frame, they are the perfect accessories for your walls.

Wall Design Very Personal

Picture walls are easy to design and fit any style. With family photos and holiday snapshots, your walls are transformed into large photo albums and tell your very own story – for example, about your dream wedding or your last big trip.

If you fear that a picture wall will quickly appear restless, print your photos in black and white. Simple frames in subtle colors also bring calm.

The Art of Grouping

Pictures work best in thematically sorted groups. Therefore: film posters for film posters and all wedding photos on one wall. Another possibility is to arrange the works of art by color. If that’s too monotonous for you, you can upgrade your picture wall with framed poems or beautiful mirrors.

If the frames form uniform lines, your wall design will look particularly neat and chic. But photos that appear to be randomly hung up can also result in a harmonious overall picture. Are you unsure? It helps if you trust your gaze and try different formations.

Wall Garden: It Doesn’t Get Any Greener

Green eye-catcher: vertical gardens are the interior trend par excellence. There are a few things to consider during installation and maintenance, but the effort is worth it.

Green, Green, Green Are All My Walls

Not every plant is suitable for room temperature and heating air. You are on the safe side with ferns, green lilies, monstera, climbing figs, and moss. If you want to use the trend more discreetly, it is best to combine plants with similar shades of green and limit yourself to a few eye-catchers. But a wild mix of many different types of plants also works harmoniously as a wall design.

The right lighting conditions play a crucial role in allowing your wall garden to sprout and flourish. If there is too little sun or a room without a window, you can rely on wall garden systems with lights. An integrated water reservoir takes over the irrigation.

Decorative Objects: Wall Design in A Different Dimension

3D for the wall: Art objects made of metal, wood, and plastic are becoming increasingly popular for designing walls. Set individually or cleverly combined, they give every room a creative touch.

A plastic world map made of metal is a noble accessory for your living room wall. Animal heads made of geometric shapes that are reminiscent of hunting trophies also make striking statements. Large decorative objects look particularly elegant individually on an empty wall. More minor works of art immediately catch the eye when you group them.

Wall Decals: Playful All-Rounders for Every Room

Wall decals are incredibly diverse: as a slogan, skyline, or motif, they give your four walls a personal touch. They are also straightforward to attach, without any tools.

Decal Walls: Ideas for Wall Design

With the suitable wall sticker, you can individualize your decorating style and conjure up creativity in your home: stylish sayings go well with a minimalist look. In general, you can’t go wrong with black wall decals. If you dare to use a little more color, you should ensure that the wall decal blends in with the rest of the color scheme.

With a vintage look, Japanese cherry blossoms in a delicate pink look are very chic. Geometric shapes of all kinds go well with a modernly decorated room. These underline the clean look and still make an artistic statement. In the industrial style, wall decals with shiny elements in a metal look are particularly effective.

The Perfect Decal for Every Room

If you have a large, white wardrobe, you can make your bedroom more exciting with a wall sticker. Whitewall decals also work on dark cabinets. In addition, the area above the bed is ideal for an eye-catcher.

Try something new for the wall design of your living room: Wall decals on the ceiling are a noble eye-catcher for your visitors. On a window front, birds or reeds connect the interior design with nature. Wall decals can be optimally supplemented with pictures or mirrors. When combined correctly, the result is a harmonious overall picture.

There are also suitable wall decals for the children’s room, whether a colorful underwater world or a sweet Bambi. A shining starry sky makes falling asleep an exceptional experience. The light effect has a calming effect on the little ones who like to fall asleep with light.

But wall decals are not only suitable for interior wall design. Decorate your mailbox, your front door, or your garage door with a unique motif.

Wall Design: Unlimited Creativity

A wall can be designed in many ways: Combine wallpaper with wall decals and picture walls with vertical gardens. Decorative objects give the walls that special something. You can give your living room, kitchen, or bathroom a new look quickly and easily.

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