Set up A Cozy Guest Room for Visitors

An extra room at home can be both a blessing and a curse. Who hasn’t turned such a room into a storage room? For convenience or for lack of an actual storage room ?! One more room offers a perfect opportunity to provide visitors and guests with an overnight stay with privacy. Of course, it is more complex to design a guest room than to convert it into a storage room. Especially when it’s a small room. But it is possible to turn a less spacious room into a great guest room.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much for visitors to feel comfortable. Well-thought-out interior design makes even a small room appear more spacious than it is. A lot is gained if you pay attention to the lighting, integrate mirror elements, add trim storage options and shelves, and fresh bed linen. And with a few helpful tips and tricks, everyone can create a practical and cozy guest room even in the smallest spaces.

The Right Bed in The Guest Room

The bed is, of course, the central element in the guest room. The only question is, what kind of bed?

Foldaway beds are super practical because they do not need much storage space for overnight guests. Precisely for this reason, however, they are also very uncomfortable because, to be foldable, they are only equipped with a thin, often low-quality mattress. Anyone who has ever spent a night on such a guest bed will certainly not want to do that to their visit.

A standard or double bed is much too big, especially in a small guest room. They take up too much space and restrict guests’ range of motion. Cozy is different.

Alternatively, there are very high quality and good air mattress beds. These can also be converted into comfortable sleeping places with a foam topper for one or a few nights. Their disadvantage, however, is that if you don’t want to re-inflate them every evening, they are also very spacious. Especially when you choose a large model that two people can sleep on.

An ideal guest bed option that offers both sleeping comfort and space in the guest room is the good old sofa bed. This kills several birds with one stone: During the day, the visitor has a seat. It can be transformed into a cozy sleeping place with little effort, offering enough space for two people in the evening. The next morning, the bed is folded back into a couch in a few simple steps, and you can move freely in the guest room again.

The Right Decor for Small Guest Rooms

Mirrors make small rooms look bigger. If large mirrors are too expensive for you, you can also put together an exciting wall collage with smaller mirror elements, which can be used as a wall decoration and visually enlarge the room.

Bonus: The mirror fragments also reflect the light in all possible ways, whereby the atmosphere can also be optimally influenced.

Unnecessary space hogs should disappear from small guest rooms: if there is a closet, the clunky chest of drawers can be removed. There could then be space for a small side table, a cloakroom, a wall shelf with a few books, and a lamp or a floor-length mirror. All of this makes the visit more comfortable. However, the room should not be cluttered either. As a rule of thumb, a single piece of furniture per wall side is sufficient for a minimalist furnishing style that still lacks comfort.

In general, the space on the walls should be used well. Instead of decorations such as pictures or the like, coat hooks, said mirrors, one or two more lamps, or mounted folding tables that can function as sideboards or bedside tables for a night are a functional and coziness-creating alternative.

The largest source of light should come from the ceiling lamp. A hanging lamp or a small chandelier form a central focal point in the room and leave more space on the floor than floor and table lamps, for example.

White, long curtains and drapes provide soft daylight and, at the same time, give the guest room more coziness. When properly draped, they also help make small rooms look bigger.

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