Winterizing Your Terrace – Protect the Furniture and Plants

The temperatures are dropping noticeably, and it is time to winterize your terrace. We’ll show you what’s hot now so that you can enjoy your outdoor paradise again in spring.

How to Make Your Terrace Winterproof

The temperatures are falling, the rain is driving man and mouse into the warmth. You are slowly saying goodbye to your terrace in hibernation. This means that it has to be made winterproof – until the first frost. The best time is usually mid to late October.

1. Make the Terrace Floor and Protective Elements Winter-Proof

The first step is to give your outdoor dining room a thorough inspection and cleaning. Thoroughly clean your terrace covering. This will prevent it from becoming slippery and getting ugly stains. In addition, you save yourself additional work in the spring. You should also waterproof your wooden terrace floor in spring and autumn to protect it from the weather.

All other fixed elements must also be cleaned and checked. Clean your canopy, gutters, and pipes. Make sure: Can the scaffolding withstand autumn storms and snow loads? Also, check the terrace privacy screen and pay particular attention to whether your planting has caused any damage. Remove all dead plant parts. Mold may have formed underneath, which you will need to remove.

Turn off your water connections. Empty all water lines and tanks. Otherwise, these could burst in the cold.

2. Protect Patio Furniture from The Weather and Cold

Pay attention to winter-proof furniture when designing your terrace. Furniture made from insensitive types of wood (e.g., teak), aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic can be left outside for the winter. To do this, clean it and cover it to protect it from the weather. More sensitive materials have to move indoors – in the garden shed, basement or attic. A place that is not too dry or too cold is ideal.

You can also stow all textile elements in the house. This includes not only blankets and cushions but also a parasol and canopy. Wash everything, but don’t put it away until it’s well dried. This will prevent mold stains and mold.

You are welcome to keep your grill handy for winter grilling. Cover it and store the gas bottles properly.

3. Help Your Patio Planting Hibernate

Your plants also want a warm place for the winter. Sensitive varieties are best moved indoors. Winter hardy balcony plants are allowed to stay outside. Cut them back and cover them with a warming fleece. Tip: make cuttings of your favorite plants to be on the safe side. If you don’t want to do without a little green, decorate your terrace with heather plants, Christmas roses, or horned violets. These still look pretty even at sub-zero temperatures.

Get Your Terrace Ready for Winter Now!

Winterizing the terrace takes a bit of work – but it’s worth it. So you can set up your chairs again in spring with little effort and enjoy the first rays of sunshine. Until then, you can enjoy your own winter wonderland.

Decorate your outdoor area with wonderful terrace lighting, autumn decorations, or magical Christmas decorations. You will enjoy it most when you place everything so that you can see it from inside.

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